Life Update: I’ve Finished University!



I’ve finished university! Can you believe it?!

It’s taking a while for the fact that it’s all over to settle in, but I’m definitely enjoying my new-found freedom now that all my classes, assignments and exams have come to an end. As expected, I’ve found that I am significantly less stressed (at least about university matters), but unexpectedly I have found my days fuller than ever – of the eight days that I have been uni-free, I have had zero plans on only two of those days! I’m tired from doing so much stuff all the time, but I’m enjoying it so much and definitely feel like I deserve this break after four years of work.


First post-university beer…about 30 minutes after the end of my last exam!

In the past couple of weeks I have consumed copious amounts of alcoholic beverages in celebration of this momentous occasion. I have eaten Mexican food, Malaysian food, Korean food and lots of other yummy food. I have been to more parties/gatherings/nights out than I have since Christmas, including a night watching Matt Willis from Busted do a DJ set. And I have been loosely planning my holiday to Budapest with my girls! We fly out on Tuesday for one week and we’re all pretty excited to be going away.

This Saturday evening is our Grad Ball, which the vast majority of final years will be attending, meaning that all of our friends will be together in one place. It’s the final blowout for the Class of 2016, and everyone I’ve spoken to (who is going) is really looking forward to it. It’ll be so lovely to see everyone together all dressed up before we all start heading our separate ways. (I might even do a post about my Grad Ball outift in the next couple of weeks because I’m that excited about my dress and no-one can stop me.)

Congratulations to all my fellow final years who have finally completed their degrees! We’ve all worked so hard to get to this moment, and we deserve a massive pat on the back and some decent celebrations!

So get ready to see some exciting travel posts and summer updates over the next few weeks or so! I hope you’re all enjoying the start of your summer, even though we might have had the best of the weather here in England already!

How do you like to celebrate? Let me know in a tweet or a post on Facebook!


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