I am a huge fan of cocktails, and I am a huge fan of cake, so when I went to the Blogger Tiki Party and found a pack of Sugar and Crumbs piña colada flavoured icing sugar in my goody bag I couldn’t believe my eyes! My mind started whirring with ideas for treats I could make using the icing sugar,… View Post

Whenever I order a Sex on the Beach (that’s a cocktail to all you folks that didn’t know and assumed that I am in the habit of doing the deed in an awkward and public location) I am instantly transported back to the summer after I finished Sixth Form when I went on a girls holiday to Magaluf, Mallorca in… View Post

The Danube river, known as the Duna in Hungarian, runs through the centre of Budapest (and through other cities and even other countries as well) and splits the city in two. On the left bank, in Buda, you can see Buda Castle and Castle Hill, the art gallery and various other monuments. On the right bank , Pest, is arguably one of the… View Post

If you try to talk to a woman while she’s wearing headphones she will instantly fall in love with you. A woman is worthless and helpless without a good, strong man in her life. I am an extremely unorganised person. One of these sentences is true, and it’s up to you to guess which one. You guessed it, I love having a man interrupt me when… View Post

It’s that time of the year again. The shops have stocked their rails full of burgundy and khaki and black, the cafés have looked their spiced syrups out from the back of the cupboard and the supermarkets have already had their Christmas selection boxes on the shelves for two months. While the weather is most definitely still screaming “summer”, the… View Post