As a young child, I often holidayed in France, in particular the Mediterranean coast. My family and I camped in tents or stayed in mobile homes on various campsites up and down the coast. After 6 or 7 years we moved to the west coast for our holidays and did the same, although we took our own tents and cooking equipment. 

A large part of the holiday (well, what felt like a large part!) was the car journey there and back. Travelling across the country by car allowed us to see the country and itspaysages, something which made the journey that bit more enjoyable. To get from England to France, and vice versa, we would normally take the EuroTunnel, however we have been known to frequent the ferry from year to year. The tunnel makes for a much shorter journey. I would often watch at the train window as we left England and say “goodbye”, and “bonjour” as we arrive in France.
I think it’s because of these holidays that I have always enjoyed the feeling of travel. Leaving one place and arriving in another. So you can blame my parents for my major want to travel in the future (well, right now, but unfortunately university has to take priority right now).
Over the next few entries I will mostly be sharing my previous travel experiences with you. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

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