The last couple of weeks have been a little bit manic (well, the first week was manic with lots of essay writing going on, the second…not so much!) with essays and revision and all sorts going on. My exams will begin tomorrow – I know, why am I not in bed already? – and next week lectures will start again, and thus the routine of university life will fall back into place.

Among all that’s been happening over the last few weeks I submitted my application to study abroad and just a few days ago I received an invitation to interview for the study placements! It’s to be held on the 31st and I’m quite excited to know that things are moving along.

Good luck to all of you applying and interviewing for work and study placements right now, I hope things are going well for you!

I would especially like to say a biiiig good luck to my friend Sophie who has applied to study abroad in New York next year! She also blogs, albeit more frequently and much better than I do, and we will be able to follow her experience as an international student through her blog posts. She also posts fun, interesting things about her daily life and is a bit of a film fanatic…you should definitely follow her! Find her blog here:


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