Study Placement Interview and a Two-Week Wait!

So today I had an interview with the International Placements Team at Aston University for my study abroad placements in France and Spain. The interview, while having a smart dress code (I went wearing a black skirt, tights, black shoes and a navy blouse) was more like an informal chat about why I want to go, what I want to study and why I should get the place over other students. My interviewer was really nice, laughing and joking with me and being understanding when I repeated myself (which happened…quite a lot!).

She said at the end that I would be informed within about two weeks as to whether I have gotten the places, and which universities I will be studying at. Not too long a wait, all considering!

To all of you who still have your interviews to come, good luck! Don’t worry about it, just be calm and be yourself!
And to those of you who have already had interviews and are now waiting for results, good luck to you too! All we can do now is wait…



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