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Hello all!

So it’s been a little while, I know, but I have been particularly busy recently as my friend Brittany, whom I met during the summer school in South Korea last summer, has been visiting from Canada!

We recently spent two days in London to see the sights (literally – we rode the London Eye!) and for dinner one night we went to a great little Korean restaurant in Soho, just off Regent Street, called Myung Ga. I thought I would give it a quick review for any of you who fancy a Korean meal in London one night!

Location: As I said, the restaurant is situated in Soho, very easy to find down a side street off Regent Street. We took the London Underground to Picadilly Circus and the restaurant is about a 10 minute walk from there, if that.

Atmosphere/staff: When we walked in, we were greeted with a cheerful “Eoseo oseyo!” (“Welcome!”) from several of the staff members and, being only two, were seated instantly. Throughout our meal the staff were attentive, efficient and generally very pleasant. They seemed to work well as a team and you were given the feeling that your custom was genuinely appreciated. (Not to mention there was a pretty cute waiter. Cute waiters are always good!)

Food: The most important part! Now as we were only staying for one meal unfortunately I am unable to review all the food…such a shame! We opted for Korean BBQ, a huge favourite of mine and something I hadn’t had since being in Korea, and chose two different meats – the bulgogi (marinated beef, always a winner) and the moksal (marinated pork), to be served with lettuce leaves, dipping sauces and steamed rice. Our food was cooked the Korean way, on a barbecue in the middle of our table, and then wrapped in the lettuce with some rice. Both meats were absolutely delicious, particularly the pork, and the portion sizes were good. They were very generous with the lettuce, of which both Brittany and I got a whole head each! Overall very good food, great flavours and extremely yummy – tasted just like it did in Korea!

Price/value for money: At just under £20 (including service charge) for meat, rice, lettuce and a shot of soju for myself, this wasn’t the cheapest meal I have ever had and doesn’t shine a light to the value of the BBQ meal in Korea itself, however for an almost niche restaurant in the centre of London offering great food, a wonderful authentic atmosphere and very good service I think it was very good value for money. We both left full of food and reminiscing of our time in Korea!

Would I recommend it? Of course! This is a great little restaurant and is completely Korean, even down to the colour of the wood table and not being allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet!

Visit their website here:
Take a look at their menu here:

(I understand that a lot of my posts recently have been Korea-orientated but more will come soon to do with other countries, I promise! I hope all placement searches are going well for everyone still. If you haven’t found one yet you’re sure to find one soon! Feel free to contact me on Twitter at @hlou14 or follow my Instagram at @hlou14. Thanks!)


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