Jolly Holidays/Joyeux Vacances!


Hi all!

I have been rather busy (and tired) what with working my new job recently, but lucky for me I have the next two weeks off! I’m off to France on holiday with my family.

We will spend 4 days exploring Normandy/Normandie where we will visit the (in)famous beaches and war cemeteries. My sister is a massive history geek and has been planning an itinerary for us!
After our time in Normandy, we’re heading over to Brittany/Bretagne where we will spend ten lovely days chilling out on the beach, around the pool and wherever else we find ourselves.
I’m really looking forward to the break, and spending time with my family will be nice too. It will be our last holiday as a family all together!
Last but most definitely not least, I’m looking forward to having a chance to practice my French a little bit before I spend five months in Spain! Let’s hope the locals understand me, hah.

As Three have actually decided to be kinda good about something (for once), I will be able to use my phone as normal, as if I were in the UK, so I should hopefully be able to update you all on my movements and any cool French places/stuff I may see!

À bientôt, Angleterre!

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