Two-week Countdown Milestone


Hello all!

As the title of this blog post suggests, I have finally reached the two-week countdown milestone! Two weeks today I will be in Seville, having moved into my flat and explored the city a little with my parents.

Today I have mostly spent writing to-do lists (for both before and after I go), figuring out a budget (I have monies, yay!) and printing and trying to organise all my paperwork. It’s been a little bit manic trying to figure out what I need to do and when, and I am still having trouble figuring out the timings of submitting Erasmus paperworks and study plans and learning agreements and all the rest, but I have a Skype date planned with my beautiful friend Nabihah this evening to hopefully shed some light on it all.

Today's Setup!

Today’s Setup!

Also today I booked flights back to Spain after Christmas! I have decided to fly back on the 30th December to Malaga airport (the cheapest option!) so that I am able to celebrate New Year 2015 in Seville! I’m already excited, and it’s possible that a couple of friends from England might join me!

Besides the list writing and paperwork semi-organising, I haven’t prepared a hell of a lot, and I fly out in only thirteen days time. This week I will begin the organisation of my clothes and all the other stuff that I am going to take, as well as emptying my suitcases of all the rubbish that I brought home from university this year…

This week quite a few of my friends will be leaving for their placements. It makes me very excited and very nervous all at the same time to think that in less than two weeks it will be me flying off to live in another culture, with another language! It’s all getting very real now.

If any of you are on or going on your placement soon I hope that everything is going smoothly for you!

H x

P.S. Follow my friend Nabihah at – she is also studying Spanish and going on a year abroad to teach English in a town near Granada for almost a year!

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