Praia da Marinha: A Day at the Beach!


Hi all!

So I know I have been a little late in updating this with my days out and whatnot, so here is my first update to bring you all up to speed with what I have been doing.

Two weeks yesterday, I went for a day trip organised by the organisation We Love Spain, to Praia da Marinha, one of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches, not far from Algarve. It’s considered by the Michelin Guide to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world! What a treat!

We had to get up bright and early to get the bus at 10am from the Plaza de Cuba in Seville city centre, a bit of a feat for me as I went out with my flatmate and her friends the night before! The coach journey took three hours.
We were a little bit worried that the weather wasn’t going to be very nice as some websites had forecast it to rain, and the clouds overhead didn’t look particularly friendly! But soon after we arrived the clouds broke and the sun shone through. Hurrah!

It really is a beautiful beach, and I’m quite annoyed that I didn’t take my proper camera. But here are some photos that I took with my phone.

We spent the day sunbathing, reading, playing games led by the We Love Spain coordinator, drinking sangria, chilling in the sea and, for some of us, sleeping! It was a really lovely, relaxed Sunday and as well as having a fab time I made some new friends too.

We arrived a the beach at 12pm and left at 6pm…a solid six hours of wonderful, sunny beachy-ness.
The entire trip cost me €20, which included my travel, a sandwich and sangria for the entire day. Money well spent, I think! And another European country to tick off my list.

The bus journey back was spent watching a film, ‘2012’, the film about the end of the world, and chatting with Letitia.

I would definitely recommend a beach trip to anyone who is on placement in Spain or France, if you are offered the chance! They are definitely worth it, and at the same time as giving you a great day to enjoy, it makes friends and family back home very jealous. 😉

H x

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