Granada: Friend, Films and Food!


Hi all!

As per usual, this post is being written up about three weeks late, but hey ho!

This time I will be recounting my trip to the city of Granada to see my wonderful, wonderful friend from university Nabihah! She is living in a suburb of the city called Armillas. After a crappy week, I needed cheering up, so I booked a coach on the Tuesday and set off on the Thursday evening. The coach journey took three hours and I was pleasantly surprised to be supplied with water, earphones and a cake by the coach company for the journey!

I got to Armillas pretty late, after getting a taxi from Granada coach station. It was so exciting to see Nabs after almost six months of not seeing her! She’s living alone in a really nice one bedroom apartment so it was great to give her some company for a short while too.

On the Friday we spoke up pretty late so we spent the day in Armilla. Nabihah showed me round the town and all the places she frequents (ahem, bakery and kebab shop, ahem), the school she works at and then her local supermarket, where we shopped for provisions for the rest of the weekend. The weather wasn’t too great, so we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in her flat, watching films and generally chilling. It was really nice to just spend some relaxed time with a close friend!

The next day, Saturday, we woke up relatively early (for me) and headed in to Granada city centre on the bus. Nabs showed me all the awesome little shops where I could buy pretty trinkets – I bought myself a big sheet of patterned fabric and started Christmas shopping by getting my sister some pretty little things. I loved the shops! Especially the first one we went into. You had to step down into it and it was almost entirely lit by all the beautiful laps and lanterns the shopkeeper had on display! It was like organised clutter – I loved it.

It was a pretty chilly day for me (Granada is a lot colder than Seville because it is in a valley surrounded by mountains) but despite that, we headed up to a restaurant underneath the Alhambra to have lunch. I had a yummy chicken wrap that I had to eat with a knife and fork because it was so full, and Nabs had some sort of sandwich (I think, my memory it pretty bad). We then got invited by the waiters to join them in the evening but politely refused – I wanted Nabs all to myself!


On our way back down the road of pretty shops, we took a load of photos at Nabihah’s insistence, and then walked down the main shopping street. We got a hot chocolate (and I had a doughnut) on the way down and then walked down to a fountain to take a photo. It was really nice to just see the city and spend time chatting with Nabs, catching up. We also got to see a wedding procession which was nice! Lots of people stopped to watch and applauded as the bride got out of her car and headed inside with her bridesmaids.


After a little bit of touristy shopping (postcards, etc) we took the bus back to Armilla and, again, spent the evening watching films! We had a kebab for dinner, not without a little bit of laughter: I wanted mine without olives because I really don’t like them, but the man never asked and put them in anyway, so Nabs had to fake a phone call to a friend to pretend to order a kebab for someone else…that was really for me! She’s an angel. <3

I had to take the bus back to Seville on Sunday evening, and the weather was crappy for the whole day so we spent the day chilling inside, just enjoying each other’s company. This included watching episode after episode of Ace of Cakes and Say Yes to the Dress! I loved being lazy with someone else, it made me not feel as bad for being a slobby grouch, haha.

I had the most fab weekend, being able to spend time with a close friend. I was definitely missing being able to spend time with a bestie, and this trip really perked me up after a long, rubbish week of feeling really down! I loved loved loved spending time with you Nabalab, I can’t wait for you to visit me, be it in Seville or Paris…or both!

Nabihah is on placement working as an English teacher and she also has a blog! Take a look at it here.

Next post will be about my trip to Salamanca…where my love for Spanish really took wing!

Until then,

H x

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  1. Nabihah says:

    It was so lovely to have you here spending the weekend with me. It was great company and a good laugh! I will definitely come and visit you, I shall! This post is so cute, I’m going to print it and stick it in a special little book of mine 😛 I’ll fake phone call a friend any day for you if it means you get a kebab sin aceitunas hahah! LOVE you buddy! xxx

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