Madrid: Kicking off Christmas!


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Last travel blog for a while…I think!

I had yet another exciting weekend this one just gone. I went with a friend to meet up with other friends in the capital city of Spain; Madrid! I was particularly excited to see Jasmin, one of my closest university friends, and other course friends who are living there this year.

Early on Friday morning Letitia and I went to Seville airport to start our journey to Madrid. We decided to fly because it was the same price as taking a coach and while a coach takes 6.5 hours our whole journey, wait, flight and journey on the other side only took 3.5 hours! Definitely worth it in my opinion. This country is bigger than you may realise!

When we arrived in Madrid we took the Metro to the hostel, a bit of an ordeal with our big suitcase, but we managed. The hostel, Las Musas, which has won awards for its service and quality, was really nice and worth every penny we paid. It is a 10 minute walk from the city centre and also a short walk to some of the popular clubs and bars.

After leaving our bags at the hostel we took a walk to the centre to get some food. We ate a tapas lunch at Patio San Eloy and then got dessert at Llaollao, a frozen yoghurt place. We then headed to the Plaza Mayor (which I have to say isn’t as impressive as the one in Salamanca!) and then walked down Calle Mayor to the Puerta del Sol. We were both very tired and it was about 4pm when we got there, but we wanted to stay and watch the Christmas lights get turned on at 6pm, so we wandered around some shops there, fell in love with a nail polish advent calendar in Sephora and almost fell asleep at the bar in a café during our wait.

A little after 6pm the lights were turned on and, while lovely, they weren’t quite as impressive as I thought they would be for the city centre. We went back to the hostel, where we met the other girls Jasmin and Lucinda, both from Aston too (cue squealing as I saw Jasmin for the first time in almost 6 months), and after the others had dropped their stuff off Letitia stayed back for a nap and I headed into the city with Jasmin and Lucinda to do even more shopping!

That evening we went out for dinner with my coursemate Abi and Jasmin’s American friend Amanda. We went to a lovely restaurant near the Plaza Mayor (I think) and must have stayed there for a good three hours! In this time, another coursemate of mine, Jasmin, came with her flatmates to say hello. It was lovely to see her! After dinner, we planned on only going to a bar, but ended up in a small club where we stayed and danced for a little while before we almost all crashed from tiredness.


The next day we went into the centre again on a shopping mission, but not after porras con chocolate for breakfast! It wasn’t my intent to spend any money but I came away with a new pair of shoes, two bottles of nail polish, Christmas presents and a new notepad. Doh! I also developed a burning desire for some beauuutiful nail polishes by MAC (Quick Million and Silver Dew, as well as both their limited edition Rocky Horror varnishes…sigh!) and a curiosity for Lush skincare products.

That afternoon we met up with yet another two Aston students, Oli and Dan. We all had lunch/dinner together on the Plaza Mayor. We were all super hungry so we ordered a LOT of food and had lots of other customers and people walking past the window staring at us. Add in us using my selfie stick and we were practically animals in a zoo! After dinner a few of us wandered around the Christmas market that had opened earlier that day but safe to say it was pretty disappointing compared to the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market!

Selfie stick!

We went our separate ways to get ready to go out for the night and then everyone met in mine and Letitia’s room at the hostel for pre-drinks. Afterwards, we went to a club called Kapital Theatre which is the biggest club in Madrid and probably one of the best!

Kapital used to be a theatre but has now been converted into a nightclub with seven stories. Each floor plays a different kind of music, and it even has a karaoke bar on the 2nd floor and a smoking/shisha lounge on the top floor. I loved it! Ever single floor had internal window walls looking out onto the main dancefloor in the ‘stalls’. The music on every floor was on point and it was in such an amazing setting I have vowed to come back with my sister one day. It was a bit expensive but the 16 euros we paid on entry also got us two free drinks, for which we could choose from all the spirits available. It was an amazing night! Not sure Seville’s clubs can beat it!

We ended with McDonalds and then headed back to get some sleep. I was so tired! The next day we slept pretty late, but Letitia and I got up and had KFC for breakfast/lunch and then bought a ticket to see Interstellar (in Spanish, eek!) that evening. We said bye to Jasmin and Amanda (Lucinda left before we woke up) and then walked up to the cinema. My first Spanish cinema experience was interesting. I was quite pleased with myself as I was able to understand almost everything, but when I didn’t understand it made it all the more confusing as Interstellar is a pretty confusing film anyway! But I got through it and ended up really enjoying it. Now I want to see it in English to hear the lovely voices of Michael Caine and Matthew McConaughey!


After the film we walked up to the Gran Via intending to take photos of the Christmas lights but just as we arrived they got switched off…just our luck! We grabbed some sandwiches and headed back to get some sleep. Early the next morning (6.15am to be exact) we checked out of our hostel and started our journey back to Seville. The flight was OK and we landed about 45 minutes after take-off (they don’t call it Iberia Express for nothing!) and we were home and in our beds again by 10.30am.

All in all I had a fab weekend! I thank everyone I shared it with for making it such a great time.

Until next time,

H x

Today is a good day to smile


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