Goodbye Spain: 5 Things I Am Going To Miss


Hi all!

It’s quite strange to say this after having spent so much time here and making this place home, but it is almost time for me to leave Sevilla! I have only two days left in this lovely place. Unfortunately, most of it will be spent studying, sitting exams and packing to go to France, so I won’t get to enjoy it too much, but as I am very excited to move on I don’t mind that all too much.

I thought for this blog entry I would take a look at all the things I have really enjoyed that I am going to miss after I leave Sevilla and Spain, since I have grown to love so many things about the place and the culture. I’m not going to include people in this as it goes without saying that there are several people that I am going to miss to the moon and back (and have already made not-yet-concrete plans to visit in the near future!), so I’m going to talk purely about objects, places and parts of the culture.

1. Patatas Bravas

I didn’t even need to think about what was going to be at the top of the list. The food that I am definitely going to miss the most are patatas bravas, which are, depending on the restaurant, cubes or circles of fried potato in a mild spicy sauce (although the level of spice also depends on the restaurant – I’ve had papas bravas that could blow your face off!). Any time I have had tapas for dinner or lunch or breakfast or whenever, and then have been on the menu, I have ordered these little pieces of yummy covered carb deliciousness and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed them.

Tapas…patatas bravas front and centre!

2. Tinto de Verano

In the same vein as number 1, I am going to miss the pure availability of this drink…and its cheapness! Tinto de verano, for those who don’t know, is essentially a red wine spritzer made with red wine and your choice of Fanta Limón (lemonade) or Fanta Naranja (orangeade). I like mine with lemon. Its name can be translated almost literally as ‘red summer wine’, but that doesn’t stop people from drinking it all year round, all hours of the day! I know I will be able to make it myself, but it’s not quite the same as being able to pop into any bar or any supermarket and get a nice cold tinto over ice!

3. Meal Times…and using them to excuse eating dinner at midnight

I’m sensing a clear theme in the things I’m going to miss so far… but seriously, I really enjoy the part of Spanish culture which means that you eat a small breakfast, a big meal around 2-3pm, a snack at 6 or 7pm and then dinner any time from 9pm onwards. The other night my flatmate and I went out for dinner and didn’t start eating until midnight! I also like that it just means I eat when I’m hungry. Of course, this is also something that I can continue in France and back in England, but I can’t help but feel it might be a little strange to be eating my lunch while other people are eating their dinner…

Breakfast at noon? OK!

4. Prices!

If any of you have lived in Spain or just visited for a holiday, you will have noticed that there is a price difference in almost everything, if you don’t count branded food and items. Clothing here is a little cheaper relative to England, travel is also cheaper compared to England (1,40eur for a bus ticket here…pretty sure it’s around £4 in my hometown now!) and not to mention the alcohol! Alcohol is so so cheap here, including the big brands like Bacardi, Smirnoff, Absolut and Baileys. If you don’t buy the popular brands then it is even cheaper…just amazing! As this is me talking, we can’t forgot about the price difference in eating out between England and Spain. Tapas make a nice meal out very affordable, and I’ve found that even nice restaurants like grills or speciality diners and much cheaper than England even though they’re more expensive relative to ‘real’ Spanish restaurants.

5. Speaking Spanish…por supuesto!

Finally and very importantly (I won’t say most importantly because patatas bravas are pretty damn important to me, I’m not going to lie) is the fact that I am going to miss speaking Spanish so much. As you may assume, I have grown accustomed to speaking Spanish in my everyday life, and hearing it being spoken around me almost constantly. After improving so much in my speaking and listening abilities, I have learned to really enjoy speaking the language, especially since I have developed a light accent and can use it to show people that Sevilla has really been a big part of my life. I can’t wait to get back to university in England in September and drive everyone mad with my absent ‘S’s and ‘D’s!

So there you have it, the 5 things that I am going to miss the most after leaving Spain, after some special people of course. There were so many other things I could mention, the weather, beautiful places, particular restaurants and certain foods and such, but if I had put them all in I would have ended up writing a novel! (Yes, I know papas bravas and tinto de verano are pretty specific but I couldn’t not include them, they are some of my favourite things about this country…)

Next I will be writing up a bucket list of what I want to do during my time in Paris, and I have also been working on a practice vlog which I will hopefully have up soon!

Good luck to all those still sitting exams, starting new placements and writing dissertations. These things will be over soon!

Until next time,

H x

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