Hello France: 5 Things I Want To Do


Hi all,

I’ve been a bit of a busy posting bee recently! I hope it’s made up for my appalling ability to not post things when they happen…

Following on from my “Goodbye Spain” post, I want to write a small bucket list of sorts, of just five of the many things I want to do during my time in France. I am excluding all the obvious things like improving my French language skills, making friends, exploring my neighbourhood, doing all the typical touristy things and generally enjoying myself, so what I will be writing is kind of specific!

So without further ado, here is a list of 5 things I want to do in Paris:

1. Visit the Montparnasse tower at night

OK so maybe I lied a little bit about the typical touristy stuff, but for this one I have a reason! When you think about getting a night view of Paris you automatically think to visit the Eiffel Tower. Without a doubt, the view of sleeping (or not) Paris from its most famous landmark is certainly remarkable, but the reason I so want to see Paris at nighttime from the Montparnasse tower is because from there you get a night view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in it. I can’t wait to see it, take photos and share them with you…it’s bound to be amazing.

2. Macarons and French onion soup

No to-do list of mine would be complete without a section dedicated to food! Last summer (2014) I went on holiday with my family to Normandy and Brittany and it was during our holiday there that I tried my first ever macaron. I am now hell-bent on trying and tasting more and different flavours from the birth country of the sweet treat, and there are bound to be some beautiful ones waiting for me in some quaint Parisian bakery somewhere. Not only do I want to eat more macarons, but I really want to eat French onion soup for the first time. Since starting university I have realised that I love onions (sorry future boyfriend) not just for the fact that they are so easy to cook and go in and with lots of different foods, but also because they are delicious. I am really looking forward to eating this pretty stereotypical French food, especially if it comes with a big chunk of baguette…

3. Attend a baking workshop

Food again…are you surprised? Now I’m not actually sure if this is a possibility yet as I haven’t looked any up. I might find that a baking/patisserie workshop in Paris might be a bit too expensive for me, but I’ve written it down here because it’s something that I really want to do if I can find somewhere affordable to do it. France is the king of patisserie and it’s for that reason that I would love to try my hand at making some traditional French sweets. It’ll just be a bonus if I get to take home my work afterwards!

4. Like red wine

Again, my list would be incomplete without something about alcohol on it…so what better to talk about than red wine? All kidding aside, this is something that I genuinely want to do and there is (maybe) no better place than France for doing it. Considering all the wine they drink, there must be something good about it, right? I’ve actually tried red wine a little bit before and it’s not been all that bad, so I’m hoping my time in Paris will help me cultivate my taste in red wine and maybe even white.

5. Travel

“But Hannah, you said you weren’t going to write about general things!” I know, I lied a little bit, this one is kind of general. The reason I have included it in my list, though, is because the places I want to travel to are not general – I already know the places I want to go to, so that’s kind of specific right? The top two other places that I want to visit while I am in Paris and with good transport connections are Bruges in Belgium and Amsterdam in Holland. After that it’s Barcelona (Spain), Montpellier in the south of France and Bordeaux in the south-west of France. If funds will allow it, it would be great to visit somewhere in Germany, possibly Frankfurt, or Prague in the Czech Republic. Nothing is set in stone yet, but as soon as I get there and get my Erasmus funding I will be planning weekend trips away…so exciting!


And there you have it, the 5 things I want to do the most while I am in Paris. Like I’ve said before there are obviously many other things I want to do and places I want to visit, but these are some of the more particular, person specific things that I want to do.

Have you visited Paris before? Do you recommend anywhere for me to go or anything for me to do? We all know how much I love food and drink, so if you also have any culinary recommendations that would be great! Just maybe not snails or frogs legs…

Until next time,

H x

10 responses to “Hello France: 5 Things I Want To Do”

  1. Hey Hannah! Your blog is always fun to read and your bucket list looks awesome! You definitely need to do a patisserie workshop- that would be great and also I’d come visit your kitchen loads in final year:P Made me think that it would be cool to find something here in Austria… cuisine capital of Europe? Hmm, perhaps not!
    Anyway, my main point was just to say, that if you ever want to see Austria, you will be more than welcome to stay with me. I’m only an hour away from Vienna!
    I will definitely visit Paris at some point, maybe May/June, so will let you know when I am there:)

    • hlou14 says:

      Ahh thanks Beatrice! I enjoy watching your vlogs! It’s what inspired me to start one of my own, haha.
      I am definitely going to find a patisserie workshop, don’t you worry. There must be some tasty Austrian desserts! You should learn some Austrian baking skills and we can exchange what we’ve learned. 😉
      That would be awesome! I may find that flights or a coach to some of the places I want to go to are a bit expensive, but if Linz is affordable to get to I would love to visit you! (I mean no offence by that – it would definitely be worth the money to see you but I still need to eat and Paris isn’t the cheapest of cities, haha.
      Ahh definitely let me know! I’m sure you’ll probably stay with Antonella when you visit, but if for some reason she can’t put you up then you have a space at mine…when I find it! Xx

  2. Hey, I visited Montparnasse Tower but it was pretty pricey (10€ for the view), especially as it was a foggy day when I went up. It is the fastest elevator in Europe I believe, so it is great just for that experience. However, you can also get a great view of the Eiffel Tower and Paris in general from the roof of the Arc de Triomphe for free (albeit with a bit of a climb)! I’ve been to both and preferred the Arc de Triomphe. Let me know what you think 🙂

    • hlou14 says:

      Awesome, thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try both and see what I think. Maybe if I plan it right and go in good weather I can get a good view from Montparnasse.

  3. I am in Paris too and I definitely want to try a baking workshop too! Have you found any which look good? 🙂

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