Working Nine to Five (and a Little Bit More)


Hi all!

It’s now 10:30 on Saturday morning (published Sunday evening…I got distracted by YouTube karaoke, sorry). I can honestly say that I probably haven’t seen this time of day on a Saturday for a few months. Even after just five mornings of waking up at 7am, my body clock has changed and without a doubt my bedtime has changed! Whereas before I was going to sleep at maybe 2am at the earliest, I’m now in bed between 11pm and midnight and am hoping to make it earlier.

Anyway! Less about me sleeping and more about my week! I have had the best first week. I couldn’t have imagined it going any better in any aspect of it. I am already so pleased that I decided to change from a study placement to a work placement and I am only five days in!

My first few days were pretty slow, as I used them to get used to the environment, the timings and, of course, meeting all the people. On Wednesday my computer and email accounts were finally set up, and I got to pick up my badge to have access to the building, my floor and also the canteen, so things started to pick up a bit and I felt less like a nuisance, haha. On Wednesday I sent out what felt like a million emails to my Thursday and Friday students to say that we could start lessons this week if they would like, which most of them did, meaning I had my first ever lessons the next day.

My first lessons were all very casual. I wanted to use them to get to know my students and find out what they wanted to get out of the lessons. They all went really well, thankfully, even though I was probably more nervous as the teacher than some of them were as students! I definitely have more of an idea of what some of my students would like to do during their lessons which makes me feel a lot happier. I learned a little bit about some of my students too, so I will be able to personalise each lesson to each student.

All of this; the people and the lessons, have made me feel so comfortable at work already, and I am already looking forward to going back on Monday! I have spent some of the weekend planning St. Valentine’s Day themed lessons as D-Day is next weekend, and have also come up with some ideas for lessons for the following week’s theme – anti-Valentine’s! (Single girls, unite!)

To top everything off, I have seen some amazing views this week from my office, from morning sunrises to beautiful snow. Here is a morning photo for you to enjoy (and expect many more over the coming months!):

As mentioned above, I’m actually finishing this on Sunday evening because I got distracted yesterday, and I’m currently cuddled up in bed as I have been all day after going out in Paris for the first time last night. A day of bed, water and catching up on Legend of Korra was needed! I’m really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow though, and will be getting an early night so I don’t feel as crappy as today!

To all those of you who have recently started a new work or study placement, I hope things are going just as well for you! Let me know how you’re getting on in a comment below, or you can tweet me at @hlou14.

Until next time!

H x

6 responses to “Working Nine to Five (and a Little Bit More)”

  1. missnosnibor says:

    I get the biggest case of wanderlust when I read your blog! If only it didn’t cost to travel!

    How was the night out in Paris and how does it compare to England and Spain?


    • hlou14 says:

      Aha wanderlust from a post about working? 😛 But still, I’m glad…means I’m not writing too badly haha!

      The night out was great! It was different in that it was all bars that we went to whereas in Spain I mostly went to clubs. It is definitely more expensive in general, though we were lucky yesterday in that we managed to find a super cheap place to get some drinks in before we went on to a more expensive place. Less pervy people for sure!! And that is definitely a good thing as that is what I hated about the Spanish nights out.

  2. Woo woo, you go girl! You’re lucky to have some more personalized lessons. Isn’t ESL teaching great?!

    • hlou14 says:

      I am loving it!!! Though I think I’ve been rather lucky with my first students hahaha! Not sure I’ll be able to handle children when the time comes around!

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