Spring Has Arrived in Paris!

Spring Has Arrived in Paris!

Hi all!

Another short and sweet post from me today.

Spring has finally arrived in Paris! The weather has been beautiful for the last few days and I have been so happy to see the arrival of spring here and spend some time outside in the sunshine.

I am not usually one to welcome the arrival of the sunshine so quickly as I don’t deal with the heat very well, but I think the lack of snow in my winters for the last two years has made me sick of the coldest season and has made me much happier to see the warmer weather arriving. I think it is also down to the fact that I got a little used to warmer weather while living in Spain!

On Friday afternoon I went for lunch outside the office for a change, and as the weather was so beautiful my friend and I decided to sit up at the Grande Arche on La Défense in the sunshine. It was so warm I could go without my coat!
We all sat and chatted about how lucky we are to be living and working in such a great place, and we also took a walk down the esplanade. It was such a nice way to spend my lunch break, and it put me in a really good mood for the rest of the day.

To continue with my appreciation of the weather and my location, today I went for my first run ever (with a bit of walking in there, ain’t no way I’m running the whole way on my first time!) up through Montmartre to the Sacré Coeur. It was super busy with tourists also enjoying the beautiful weather, but I was in too good a mood to let them annoy me. I spent a little time resting on the steps at the top, marvelling at the view and the heat, and then made my way back home.


I currently have my bedroom windows wide open (and I’m not cold!) with sunshine pouring in and I’m in a super good mood.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and I also hope the weather is as good for you as it is for me!

Until next time,

H x


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  1. 08/03/2015 / 6:59 pm

    I’m so happy to see the arrival of the spring ! It was a beautiful day

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