On The Home Straight…


Four weeks today I am going home. In fact, four weeks today at this exact moment I will probably be somewhere near the Eurotunnel having either just arrived or just left (I’m not sure which, I’ve not been told what time train we’re taking). Either way, I will be only a few hours from home and that thought is a little bittersweet, though more sweet than bitter. 

Just over five months ago I arrived in Paris after flying straight here after finishing my study placement in Sevilla, Spain. When I first got here it was very, very cold but I quickly fell in love with the city and ten days later I started a work placement that I still don’t quite want to end. As the weather has warmed up and I’ve completed university obligations, explored even more and acted as a tour guide for friends and family I have felt increasingly more at home in the City of Light (and love, not that this has proved itself in my time here. No, I’m not bitter, honest!) and I’m coming to realise how much I am going to miss this place. That’s the bitter part. 

The sweet part, however, is that by leaving Paris and my job and my amazing friends/colleagues I get to go home to my family and friends (and dog!) and spend some time in the place I will forever call home, no matter where I make my future home(s?). By the time I leave Paris it will have been seven months since I left England in January to go back to Spain, the longest I have been away from home in one go. I’ve never been one to miss anyone all that much and, although I love them to the moon and back, my family are included in that, but I’ve found myself really missing them this time. Visits and Skype have helped a bunch (as well as Three’s Feel At Home service, shoutout to Three) but there’s nothing like the real thing!

I’ve been in two minds about leaving for a while, but as my departure date looms ever closer my happy mind gets stronger and I feel more ready to leave. My friend told me yesterday that it’s a good sign because it means I’ve had a good time and am satisfied with what I’ve done here, and I’m pretty sure I agree with her. I know I’m definitely going to look back on my time in Paris very fondly, and I will definitely be making plans to come back in the future.

So, 28 days to go. Get ready for me, England. 

Until next time,

H x


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