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I’m currently writing to you all from my bedroom back home at my parents’ house. I arrived home in the UK two days ago after eleven months away! I’ve used the word ‘bittersweet’ quite often recently because, while I’m sad to have left Paris, it’s so lovely to be home. Yesterday we had a little ‘welcome home’ party for me when I got to see almost all my family and friends, most of whom I haven’t seen since Christmas, and some that I haven’t seen since my leaving party back at the start of September last year! There are still a few people left to see for the first time after getting back, but it was really great to see a lot of people yesterday. You don’t realise how much you miss some people until you see them again!

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Time to go home…time flies. 🇫🇷 >>> 🇬🇧

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Leaving Paris was quite emotional for me. I was really sad when I said goodbye to my colleagues, and I even cried a little bit (not that I let them see)! They’re a big part of why I enjoyed my time in Paris so much. Without them, I think that the French half of my Year Abroad would have been very different, so I want to thank them all (again, whether they read this or not) for welcoming me so quickly and kindly and really making me feel like part of the team in such a short space of time.


Of course, leaving was made a lot easier by the thought of coming back to everyone back here (and my holiday to South Korea in 3.5 weeks!) and now I’m home, even though I already miss Paris a lot, I’m very happy and really excited for everything I’m doing this summer! You’ll be hearing a lot about it over the coming months. I still have posts and videos to go up from Paris, so keep your eyes peeled for those, as well as all the new things I will be doing!

To sign off, I want to show you a picture of this amazing cake made by Mother Daughter Baking, a local business who make cakes and cupcakes for any and all events (or even if you just want a sugar fix), that my mum ordered for the party yesterday. The detailing on this cake was stunning! You can find Mother Daughter Baking on Facebook and on Twitter, and also on Instagram.






Until next time,

H x

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  1. Wow, that cake is amazing!

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