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Happy November everyone!

I can’t quite believe that 2015 is almost over, and that we’re already in week six of our university term. It’s a little terrifying considering I’ve not currently done any work on my dissertation which I have given myself until the end of February to complete…but anyway, moving on!

Because I really only have seven and a half months left in Birmingham until I finish university and my accommodation contract runs out, I figured it’d be a good idea to create a bucket list of all the things I want to do before the end of the university year and before I move back home to be with my family, (hopefully) a university graduate. Some of these are things and places I’ve just recently discovered, but others are things I’ve wanted to do since first year and have never gotten around to, so now is the time, and here they are:


RESTAURANTS I don’t think any of you should be surprised by the fact that the first lot of places on my bucket list are places to eat…I know I’m not! Here are some places I’ve had my eyes on…

Pho, Grand Central: A newly opened Vietnamese soup restaurant, I’ve walked past Pho a few times while exploring the new Birmingham Grand Central shopping centre at New Street Station, and think about going inside every time.

Tortilla, Grand Central: Another find in the new shopping centre, my friend Barbara recently mentioned this place to me and now I feel compelled to give it a visit and try out the California-style Mexican burritos on offer!

Modu, Digbeth: The second recommendation on my list, Modu is a Korean fried chicken restaurant that I had no idea existed. Now I know it exists, it has shot to the top of the list I have compiled in my head (even though it may be number three on the list on here) and I have told Barbara that we will go one time for sure.

San Carlo, City Centre: A reasonably priced Italian restaurant, the only reason I want to visit here is because my housemates from second year and I always walked past it on the way to university and thought it looked super fancy because it always had a real flame torch burning outside.


BARS/PUBSTime to try a new watering hole? I think so! Here’s where I want to buy a drink or two…or three…

The Victorian Gin Parlour @ The Jekyll and Hyde, City Centre: I only went to The Jekyll and Hyde for the first time a couple of weekends ago and I really enjoyed it but, to me and my friends’ dismay, you can only access The Victorian Gin Parlour (1st floor) if you have a reservation. Since discovering a liking for gin only recently, I would like to make a reservation and try out the cocktails on offer which aren’t served on the ground floor.

The Victoria,  City Centre: Yet another recommendation on my list, I heard about The Victoria during my second year but never got around to going. Apparently they do very good cocktails and play good music so my expectations are high!

Pitcher & Piano, Brindley Place: Another long-term resident of the mental to-visit list, I’ve walked past this place many an evening and have never ended up going in. Situated right next to the canal, it looks like a lovely place to have a few drinks one evening, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.


THINGS TO DO – Everything that doesn’t include food and/or drink as the primary feature of the activity…don’t look so surprised!

The Electric Cinema, City Centre: Two of my current flatmates, Sophie and Barbara, have been here before (I think…correct me if I’m wrong, girls!) and I’m pretty keen on the idea of going at least once! I’m pretty sure there is a Rocky Horror Picture Show event on at the end of November which sounds like a lot of fun, so I might try to get there then!

Birmingham Instameet: During my year abroad I followed quite a lot of Birmingham Instagram accounts, including the @IgersBirmingham account who organise a lot of meetups in various places across Birmingham to get together and take photos. I didn’t get to the most recent one at Sutton Park unfortunately, but I intend to get to at least one Instameet before the end of the year.

Birmingham Hippodrome, Chinatown: Some people may already know that I love a trip to the theatre, and it just so happens that Birmingham isn’t a bad place to catch a show. In the next few weeks I’m off to see the Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain and also to see Sweeney Todd, both at the Hippodrome, and I’m pretty excited for both of them!

I’m sure this list will grow in the next few months and as it does I will be adding to this post, so if you’re all that interested you can keep checking back on this post to see what I’ve done and what I still want to do.

Until next time,

H x

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  1. renatehl says:

    I love the way you write! It’s so fun and playful 😀 congratulations on your 100th post, good job! I really look forward to read more <3

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