10 Things That Make Me Feel Christmassy


~It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas~

24 days! 24 days until the big guy in the red suit visits and we all get super fat on delicious food and get all sloshy with wine and happy with family and friends and festive loveliness. So in celebration of one of my favourite times of the year rolling around again, here is a list of the top 10 things that make me feel Christmassy!


1. Putting up the Christmas tree

This one is always a winner! Putting the Christmas tree up is one of the best feelings ever, especially when you do it while listening to Christmas songs at full volume. My flatmates and I put our little Christmas tree and decorations up the other day and I’m already feeling a little more Christmassy, but we didn’t put any festive songs on so it didn’t quite do it…yet! We still have a few more decorations to put up, so when that happens I’m going to make sure I get my serious Christmas on!

2. Snow!

Another obvious one, but one I definitely can’t miss out! Snow doesn’t often come to the UK at Christmas, but when it does it’s pretty magical. Unfortunately it only seems to show its face around February at the latest, and even then it doesn’t seem to stay that long. Apparently this year we’re forecast a decent amount of snow, though, so fingers crossed it shows up when it’s supposed to and we get a white Christmas.


3. Travelling Home

Living away from home, from my family and friends, makes my time at home for Christmas that little bit more special, so it’s only logical that travelling home the week before Christmas makes me really feel excited and festive. It means that Christmas day is almost there!  Whether I’m going in the car or by train, I always get super excited, but this feeling was especially prevalent during my flight home from Spain for Christmas last year.

4. Baileys!

Pretty simple, this one. Baileys over ice (on the rocks, if you would) is the best Christmas drink ever, and the best to have on Christmas Eve! I had my first glass of Baileys this weekend, and had my first Baileys hot chocolate the day after, and just wanted to curl up by a fire and look at all the Christmas presents under the tree, but then I realised it was only the 29th of November and I still have two weeks of lectures left until I can go home…


5. A Trip to the Christmas Market

Going to university in Birmingham is pretty good for many reasons, but one of the best reasons has to be because of the amazing Christmas Market that comes here every year. From the middle of November to the 23rd of December every year, we’re graced with the presence of the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market and Birmingham Craft Market and the opportunity to consume as much German sausage, beer and mulled wine as our bellies and wallets will allow! I recently collaborated with Europe Diaries on a post about Christmas Markets across Europe, you should check it out!

6. Wrapping Christmas Presents

There is something about sitting on my bedroom floor, organising all the presents I’ve purchased for my family and friends, rolling out the pound shop wrapping paper I bought last-minute and then scrabbling around in the kitchen drawer full of bits and bobs to find the end of a roll of cellotape that just screams Christmas. I love looking at them all piled up when they’re finally all wrapped, and carrying them downstairs to place around the tree in the living room!


7. Buying a New Tree Decoration

My family and I have a tradition where every year myself, brother and sister buy a new decoration for the Christmas tree. The idea is that when we eventually move out, we’ll have a full set of mismatched, but memorable and personal, decorations ready for when we get our own Christmas trees! So when we go out shopping and get that new dec, I get all excited for decorating the tree and dancing along to my favourite…

8. Christmas Songs!

Yes! My absolute favourite has to be Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade, but I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day by Wizzard, and The DarknessChristmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) come a close joint second! Special mentions include Mariah Carey with All I Want For Christmas Is You and the ever-amazing, ever-popular Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl. I’m feeling even more Christmassy just thinking about them!

9. Advent Calendar

I just had my first Advent chocolate of the year! Because my mum made me a fabric calendar with little pockets for the chocolates, I get to fill it up every year with yummy treats. My chocolate today was a little Father Christmas wrapped in foil – the kind you buy in the little net bags. That kind of chocolate is totally Christmassy for me. If I ate them any time of the year it would feel wrong!

10. Christmas Films

This point was just an excuse to mention how much I love The Grinch and how much I have wanted to watch it for the last month. I first saw this film only a year ago, when I went to Salamanca to see my friend Abi, and it immediately became my favourite ever Christmas film. I mean, I never really had a favourite festive film before then, unless you count Chicken Run, but still. The Grinch is the best ever and I am definitely going to watch it several times over Christmas! Here’s my favourite scene:

And there you have it. The top ten things that make me feel Christmassy! Some of them are pretty obvious, but it wouldn’t be Christmas time if things weren’t a little predictable! But obviousness aside, I hope you’ve enjoyed the start to Blogmas 2015!

What kind of things get you in the Christmas mood?

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  1. Shalom ? says:

    Re: sloshy wine-ness: YES PLEASE. For me, definitely Christmas shopping & playlists!

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