Merry Merry Christmas


So it’s two days gone, the fridge is full of leftovers and donated desserts, and I have a raft of new belongings to take back to university with me. Christmas 2015 is over, and I had the most wonderful time!

It started when I came home from university on the 20th, and I went about doing the last of my Christmas shopping on Monday 21st. The shopping centre was surprisingly and pleasantly not busy, and I enjoyed pottering round the shops searching for goodies for my family (and myself!). The next day and the day after were allocated to baking and cooking all the homemade gifts I made for the adults of the family – gingerbread, honeycomb, peppermint creams and coconut oil chocolate…yum!

On Christmas Eve Eve my friends and I got together for a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner and we had a great time – chicken roast and stuffing and the works, plus an amazing dessert if I may say so myself. (How ever did you guess that I made it?!)

And then, ever so quickly, it was Christmas Eve! My family and I met with close family friends in the morning for a present exchange, as we do every year, and in the afternoon I went to collect a special guest staying with us for Christmas. We got into our Christmas pyjamas and had a buffet for dinner and played a few rounds of Taboo and Heads Up (two great games, and if you’ve never played them then you should!) all while getting merry on beer and wine and Baileys and all sorts of lovely stuff.

Christmas Day morning saw mum at work, so we all opened our stockings and went to visit my dad’s side of the family for a couple of hours. When mum got home in the afternoon we opened all our main presents which culminated in my dad proposing to my mum (they’re already married, but he never really proposed and she never got a ring)…super sweet! Everyone got a bit emotional! Next came and amazing steak sandwich dinner and more drinks, then an evening of watching NBA on the TV. 

Boxing Day, my guest and I went to the sales in Milton Keynes and found a few bargains, then joined my mum’s half of the family at my grandparents’ house for a proper Christmas dinner, a massive cracker, more wine, more presents and some six-dogs-induced mayhem. Afterwards, we spent the night playing Articulate and Shout with my sister’s boyfriend’s family which was a lot of fun, partly thanks to the four glasses of wine and four bottles of beer I’d had!

Today, my guest went home and we spent a chilled evening at my aunt’s house, playing Arrogance and drinking gin and tonic (on my part at least). It was a lovely way to round off the festivities, but I’m definitely ready for a rest now. 

(I should apologise for the distinct lack of Blogmas posts. I got too distracted and was unprepared in my quest to blog daily, so it didn’t happen this time! But expect a couple more posts before the end of the year, and an increase in the New Year!)

How did you spend your Christmas? What was your favourite moment?

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