Coping, Just About: An Ode to Final Year at University


In late September, weather fine
The car packed full, belongings mine,
I made the journey back to Brum
To finish off what I’d begun.
Three years before when just eighteen,
I commenced my course so young and keen,
But now I’ve lived one year one score
I know I couldn’t have been more
Mistaken, to think this would be fun.
Excited at the starter gun,
I raced ahead, never bragging,
But now I fear I’m rather lagging.

Four months ago I was elated,
To see my friends after so long,
But now my joy is quite outdated,
Oh, how I’ve never been so wrong!
I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much paper
During my whole academic career,
And those times when I thought I could frolic and caper
I was kindly reminded of work by a peer.
Assignments, transcriptions, reports, presentations,
I’ve never had a worse time in my life,
Readings, more readings and then some translations,
My lecturers continued to cause yet more strife.

Finally, Christmas! I was pleased for a break.
But wait, not yet, I had deadlines to make.
To succeed, all day and all-nighters were required
And after submission I was very tired,
But university never likes to make you wait
And the following day I had a date,
With an exam for which I had crammed,
And into the test I walked, brain rammed
Full of info to pass, and I had hope,
But with another exam just next week, would I cope?
In the end, all went well, I feel,
And I finally had a break, so maybe God is real?
But uni as always, is never ceasing,
Now the new term has started and my energy is decreasing.

Five more months and it’ll all be finished,
Just a little bit more work to be done,
Mood rock bottom and my strength diminished,
Yet still I must work on my dissertation.

It’s what they never tell you at the university visit,
But just know now, and know it well,
That while first year fun is simply exquisite,
Final year is, quite frankly, hell!

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