What’s In My Travel Make-Up Bag?


For those of you who only know me through this blog, it would be completely plausible to assume that my entire life revolves around university, travelling, and the occasional restaurant trip. Those that know me in real life will probably know that this is not all that I enjoy, and that I have a budding interest in beauty products (and a bit of an obsession with nail polish, but we won’t go there!). So today I wanted to bring a little bit of that interest to the blog, and tell you about the current beauty products I take with me on all my journeys, long and short! (For those of you who have no interest in makeup, look away now! Or stick around…maybe I can change that!


For all my fellow travellers who partake in the pastime/habit of applying makeup, I understand the struggles of choosing exactly which products to take away with you to be prepared for all occasions and eventualities. Sometimes you can only take the bare minimum, and, really, where do you start?!

You start at the base of course, and for this I use these three products:

  1. Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream 5in1 Beautifying Moisturiser (Light)

In my entire makeup collection I have only one foundation and one BB cream. I find that foundation is too heavy for everyday wear, but this BB Cream offers a perfect amount of coverage for both daytime and nighttime wear. It’s light and doesn’t dry me out, and offers different looks depending on how much you apply.
This is also ideal for me because it’s in a plastic tube – my foundation is in a glass bottle and I don’t want to risk it breaking during transit!

2. Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder (Transparent)

I have used this powder in the entire history that I have been using makeup (about 8 years) and I have never had any qualms with it. It’s perfect to use by itself to remove a little bit of shine, and it’s perfect to use over my BB Cream and concealer. It’s also packaged with no unnecessary bulk, which makes packing it into a makeup bag a lot easier.

3. Makeup Academy (MUA) Hide & Conceal Concealer (Natural)

While I take issue with the colour naming of this product, I take no issue with the product itself. Despite being a crazy cheap drugstore product (only £1 in Superdrug!), the quality is good and it matches my skin perfectly. It doesn’t feel cakey or horrible to wear, and it covers my (many) imperfections perfectly.

Next part…adding a little life back in! I don’t ever contour (as in adding the darker shade in to add shadow) my face because it freaks me out and I’m scared of making myself look like a clown, so these are the only two products I use:

4. Etude House Secret Beam Hightlighter (Pink & White Mix)

This is the first ever highlighter I have ever used or owned and I love it so much. It’s perfect for my pinkish skin tone, but it’s also a great size to stick in my makeup bag when I’m travelling. If I’m not going out or don’t have something I particularly need to dress up for I won’t take it, but I try to take it whenever I can because I love it so much!

5. Makeup Revolution London Blush (Love)

Another super cheap but decent quality product, this dinky little blush cost me £2 in Superdrug and is the perfect size for taking away with me. It’s the right colour for any occasion and is just the handiest little product I have possible ever owned.


It’s said that the eyes are the doorways to the soul, so it’s pretty important to make sure they look good! Here are a selection of products that I take with me, occasion dependent.

6. Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil (001 Dark Brown)

One of my most important items, my eyebrow pencil goes with me no matter the occasion. The handy thing about this one from Rimmel is that it has a little brush on the lid, so if you’re really short of space you can leave your regular brush/comb at home!

7. Natural Collection LashDefinition Mascara (Brown/Black)

I have two mascaras. This is my everyday, non-waterproff mascara. Only £1.5o from Boots, this does a great job. It’s light and comfortable to wear during the day without making me look too done up! And if I need something a bit fancier, I use this next one…

8. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

This is my absolute favourite mascara I have ever use and I am never changing from hereon. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but I will be hard pushed to try something else. They’re Real! is waterproof, easy to wear and apply, and gets rid of the need for eyelash curlers. Seriously, I’ve not used mine since I started using this, thus cutting down on bulk for my travel bag.


9. Kiko Makeup Milano Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette (100)

This is hands down one of the best beauty purchases I made during my time in Spain in 2014. I’m not afraid of a bit of sparkle, and I often wear it even in my everyday makeup, so this palette is perfect for all occasions I may attend! During the day I tend to only wear the two lighter shades, and then at night I can darken it a little with the two darker shades.

10. The Face Shop Over Girl Edge Stick Eyes (You Seem Like A Coral Pink)

Another of my Korean products, this stick eyeshadow is great if I want my makeup to be a little bit different. Depending on my mood, I will apply just a little bit under my eyes, or all over my lids, or sometimes I won’t take it at all if I know I don’t need anything fancy! When I take it, however, it’s very compact and a good shape for putting in a bag with everything else.

11. Makeup Revolution London Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner

Yet another cheap buy at £2 in Superdrug, this liquid eyeliner is wonderful. It’s double ended, making it super easy to get a perfect flick, and offers different thicknesses for different looks for different occasions. It’s also a lot smaller than other eyeliners I have owned, which is favourable when I have limited space, but again, I won’t take this if I know I won’t need it.


Rest of the face done, time to complete it with a bit of lippy! But which one do I choose? They’re all pretty versatile, meaning I can use them in the day and at night. Sometimes I will take just one, sometimes two, of course depending on the length and purpose of my trip (as with all my other products).

12. The Face Shop Ink Lipquid (Rose Marsala)

I love this. From the outside it looks like no other makeup products I’ve ever owned, when you open it up and apply it it looks and feels like a lipgloss, and when it dries it feels like a lipstick. It also acts a bit like a stain – I can apply a little bit and have a slight tint to my lips, or I can apply a lot and have a really strong colour. This “lipquid” is perfect!

13. Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (Fauxmance)

This is the loveliest lipgloss. It’s smooth, and smells and tastes nice, but it’s not sticky or gloopy like some glosses can be. I have the small version because I got it as a gift in a set, but as a product to take when travelling this is only a benefit (see what I did there?).

14. Rimmel London Long Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate (#45)

I only bought this recently, but I’ve been really liking it. It matches the colour of my lips perfectly, so when I’m wearing a full base and all the works, it’s nice to use to put that natural colour back in. It’s also really small, so no hassle squeezing it into my travel bag!

15. Sephora Rouge (R17 Mmmm…)

When I was living in Paris I decided I wanted to wear more natural-looking lipstick. This was the first one I bought, and it’s so nice to wear that it’s my go-to lip product for a night out. Despite not being as naturally coloured as I originally thought (it’s a lot pinker than it looked on my hand in the shop!) I still wear it all the time, and often take it away with me.


Nails! Anyone who knows me will know I’m pretty obsessed with nail polish, thanks to my friend Brittany. Now I don’t often take nail polish away with me, especially if I’m only going away for the weekend or a few days, but if I were to take any away with me it would be these two.

16. Rimmel London Nail Base & Topcoat Nail Nurse 5 in 1

I’ve experimented with quite a few base and topcoats of the last few years, and this is the one I am loving right now. The brush is great, meaning it goes on easily, and it dries quickly. It is shiny as a topcoat and it protects my nails really well, ideal for those trips when you’re being very active.

17. Sephora Nail Polish (Enjoy The Sunset)

It’s hard to choose from all my colours, but I chose this one because it is so versatile. Besides this, I love the shape and size of the brush and the formula of the polish, which dries super quickly! Perfect for those trips where you can’t be wasting much time on your nails.


This is the selection of brushes that I use and take with me (depending on the products I take with me, of course). Half are from Eco Tools and half are from Korean brand Etude House. If I have a large suitcase for a long trip then I will take them in their own separate brush roll, but if not then I can usually squeeze them quite well into the same bag as my makeup.


Speaking of makeup bags, here is my selection! I have one quite large one (the personalised photo one) which I use for longer trips alongside my Kath Kidston brush roll, one Barry M medium-sized bag that got at the Clothes Show Live at the NEC last year, which I normally use for both makeup and brushes, and one small one from Etude House (gifted to me by Brittany, which has Seoul landmarks on it!) which I use for smaller trips.

I hope this has been vaguely interesting for some of you! I know for me it’s always cool to find out what other people use and take away with them for holidays and shorter trips. If you ever want to know where I bought any of these products, you can leave me a comment on this post, send me a tweet at @hannahintblog or drop me a comment on my Facebook page!

Which products can you not live without while travelling?

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  1. Only two nail varnishes?!!!…….what about the other 240? ??

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