An Afternoon in Oxford


The Easter break from university has allowed me a bit of free time to do what I like, so last week I and a couple of friends went to Oxford for the afternoon. Being only a 45-minute drive from my house, we were there in no time and didn’t even have to leave early in the morning to have a decent amount of time to spend there, which is always nice!

We parked up in a park and ride just outside the city, where we paid around £5 to park the car for 24 hours (of course we didn’t need that long, but it was the smallest amount of time available) and then only a couple of quid each to get the bus into the city centre.

We got lucky with the weather, and the sun broke through as we arrived! So we had a great time wondering the city and seeing the sights. The bus dropped us off right in the city centre, so after a bite to eat we walked down to Christchurch Cathedral, College and Meadow. It was quite busy when we were there, but even still it was a lovely place to walk and enjoy the calm and nature in the middle of a city.



We then walked up the side of Merton Field and through a passageway which brought us to the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, which looked beautiful in the sunshine, flanked by trees in blossom.


Around the back of the church we came across the iconic Radcliffe Camera, where we couldn’t help but take a few photos. It was here that the huge, famous cycling culture of Oxford started to show itself, with quite a few bicycles attached to the railings!



Next we walked through to the main courtyard outside the Bodleian Library, where I have visited the outside several times but never gone inside! Alas, I didn’t go inside this time either, so it will have to wait until a later visit, but I always enjoy the outside of the building, and this time I found the door for the school of languages.



Through a passage on the right of the entrance to the library and out a gate to the right, we walked to the equally iconic Bridge of Sighs at Hertford College which was, unsurprisingly, inundated with tourists (of which we were three). We took a few photos like everyone else, then moved on.


We walked round the corner past the new Weston Library and the wonderful Blackwell’s Bookshop, and then along Broad Street past Trinity College, and back into the centre of the city. Finding ourselves where we had started, we then took a bit of a walk out the other side of the centre, where I found a pretty little alleyway (anything with strings of lights hanging like a canopy is pretty in my eyes) and we walked up the steps of the Ashmolean Museum which was, unfortunately, closed.




Despite there being a lot of other things we could have done, we had other plans for the afternoon/evening, so we ended our time in Oxford there, having enjoyed seeing some of the most famous (and free!) sights that the famous, historical city could offer us on a bank holiday.

Have you ever visited Oxford? Where is your favourite place in the city?

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6 responses to “An Afternoon in Oxford”

  1. Hi Hannah, I also like Oxford a lot. I visited it last year on a nice September day for the first time. What I liked the most about it were the little coffee or tea shops we found (although Sally Lunn’s in Bath and the Tea Birds in Bristol are my all times favourites). While my friend and I were walking back to the train station we entered a yoga/mindful-looking shop and a lovely woman asked us if we wanted to go in for a free session of meditation. We would have missed our train so we didn’t, but that was definitely an interesting episode! 🙂 I don’t even know why I’m sharing this story, but your post brought me back there haha. Keep sharing! x

    Assia –

    • hlou14 says:

      What a lovely story, thank you for sharing! It really is a lovely city, but I know I definitely have a lot more to visit! I’ve never been to Bristol but I have a friend who’s from there, so I’m definitely going to visit her in the summer, and I’ll check out that tea shop you mentioned! 🙂
      Thank you for the lovely comment Assia! Xx

  2. sirvikalot says:

    I’ve never been to Oxford but I’m much more of the “staycation” type so I’m more likely to visit there than your more exotic locations. :’)

    Great post!

    • hannahinternational says:

      It’s the perfect place to go for a weekend! In fact I’m a little sad I can’t just drive down right now for a visit!

      • sirvikalot says:

        I live in Aberdeen so it’d need a bit of planning but at least I’m on the same continent as Oxford right now. I hope you’re enjoying your travels.

        • hannahinternational says:

          Oh goodness, yes it definitely would! Luckily I only lived a 45-minute drive away, so I could easily nip down last-minute. I also have a friend who lives there so I didn’t have to worry about accommodation costs! Visiting from Aberdeen would be a little different, I’m sure! But definitely worth it, it’s a wonderful city.

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