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Last weekend, we had some guests for dinner and my mum had planned to make a paella for our main course. She asked me to make something simple, easy and quintessentially Spanish as a kind of starter for us to nibble on before we sat down to eat. The first thing that came to mind was tortilla española, aka. Spanish omelette.

Before Saturday, I had only ever made tortilla once before, when I lived in Sevilla, and even then it was with a lot of help from my flatmate, and I probably only chopped up the potatoes. So this time was going to be a test! While it is technically easy, the timings can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out, and add in the fact that the recipe I used made it in a completely different way to how I had done it before, I was a little nervous. Especially as I only had ingredients enough for one try!

I did some Googling and asked some friends beforehand about whether it’s better to make a tortilla with slices or cubes of potato, and I happened across a really in-depth article by Azelia from Azelia’s Kitchen on tortilla, how to make it, whether to cut your potatoes into cubes or slices and why, which eggs to use, etc.

To make a Spanish omelette, you need potatoes, onions and eggs. Simple as that! To start, you chop the onions up small and fry them on a low heat. Next, you put the cubed potatoes into the pan to cook along with the softened onions. Stick the lid on and cook on medium to low until the potatoes are cooked through, then pour your seasoned eggs into the pan and leave to cook on low heat until it’s firm enough to flip and cook the bottom (or you can stick it under the grill to finish cooking through, like I did!). Serve in slices or cubes and enjoy!


To get the full recipe, go to Azelia’s Kitchen and follow her instructions!

I followed her recipe to a T, and it turned out really well! I got lots of compliments on it, and it tasted of both potato and egg which, as she explains in the recipe, is ideal for a tortilla. I’m tempted to try it next time with fried potatoes – that’s how I made it the first time and I feel like it had a bit more flavour.

Have you ever made tortilla española before? Do you prefer cubes or slices to make yours?

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  1. I find YouTube is great for finding help creating recipes.
    Zoe Beau. xx

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