Faux-chella: My Dream Festival Line-Up


Festival season has finally arrived! While I’m not going to pretend like I know what Coachella really is, I know that it’s a music festival and that it happened a couple of weekends ago, kicking off the summer music festival season for 2016. Festivals are a great way to see lots of your favourite bands, and to also feel like you’ve been on holiday and let your hair down for a little under a week.

I’ve been to a few day festivals and one full, long weekend festival. My favourite day festival was definitely Hard Rock Calling 2011 in Hyde Park in London. Now called Calling Festival (after Hard Rock Café and LiveNation parted ways), it’s a no-camping three-day festival held on Clapham Common in London, and features a whole load of different bands over several stages. When I went, the line-up for the main stage was Michael Kiwanuka, Wolf Gang, James, Kaiser Chiefs, and The Killers. I went with my dad, and while we were mainly going for The Killers we really enjoyed all the other bands as well!

My only camping festival has been Reading Festival 2012, featuring The Cure, Kasabian, and Foo Fighters as the three main headline acts. It was a pretty manic weekend, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep, but I enjoyed it all the same. The Cure were great but very long, I knew a lot more Kasabian songs than I had ever expected, and Foo Fighters was simply insane. I was quite close to the front, and right in the middle, and at one point I had to get a security guard to bail me out over the barriers because it was all just too much. Despite that, it was awesome, and my then-boyfriend and I enjoyed watching the rest of the show sat on a hill at the side eating pizza. The one thing that made the entire weekend, however, was a surprise 11am Saturday morning performance by Green Day! I was lucky enough to get into the NME tent where they were performing (hundreds of people were left to watch the set live on screens on the main stage…I was so lucky!) and despite not knowing many of their songs at the time (I’m now a massive fan) it was bar far the best part of the weekend for me.

Unfortunately, I’ve not bought any tickets for any festivals this summer, so I’ve only been able to dream up my own line-ups instead of getting excited about any real line-ups. Then when Gina from TickPick approached me about creating a graphic for my dream festival line-up, I jumped at the chance to share it with you! So here I present you my very own Faux-chella (get it?):


As it’s my dream line-up, it’s a little eclectic, so I feel I should explain my choices!

The Killers were a no-brainer for me. I’ve seen them (and their lead singer Brandon Flowers on his solo tour) at least six times and they are easily my favourite band by miles, so there was no way I wasn’t including them.
Blondie is a band I have always wanted to see. I started to like them when my dad played a lot of their music while driving round in the car on holiday, and I can now sing a lot of their songs by heart. They’re the kind of band I don’t listen to all the time, but I can’t get enough of them when I get into listening to them again.
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are the same! I adore their music and often have their All Over The World album playing when I’m popping around in the car. I recently found out that they’re doing a UK tour, but the tickets are ridiculously expensive, so I couldn’t go.
Arctic Monkeys are a band that I was introduced to through friends. I don’t know much of their newer music, but some of my favourite songs come from some of their earlier albums, and their music is super fun, so I would love to have them play at a festival.
Beyoncé is just wonderful. She sings like a goddess and it’s completely effortless. I admire her and her voice and I would stand and cry if she ever performed at my festival.
Stromae, for those of you who don’t know, is a Belgian singer who sings in French, and he has some of the coolest songs and music videos I’ve ever seen. You might know him from the Kanye West and Gilbere Forte remix of his song ‘Alors On Danse‘. My personal favourite of all his songs is ‘Tous Les Memes‘, about how men are all the same, which has a really clever video. I wrote a post about Stromae two years ago, talking about some more of his films: check it out!
The final three, Carly Rae JepsenDavid Bisbal and Shakira were are selections I made for three close friends of mine who will most definitely like my choices! It also helps that I like all three of these artists, though I must admit I don’t know Carly Rae Jepsen and David Bisbal as I do Shakira!

So there is my dream festival! Now I just need to figure out a way to make it happen…I don’t happen to have any multi-billionaires or people with good links in the music industry among my dear readers, do I?…

Have you ever been to a music festival? Which three artists would you have as headliners at your dream festival? Comment your line-up below, send me a tweet or drop me a post on Facebook!

For all my U.S. based readers, hop over to TickPick for concert and sporting event tickets! They charge no silly processing or buyer fees which I think is great. Unfortunately, TickPick isn’t available in the UK.

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  1. I’d certainly attend this line-up haha! I’m really looking forward to all the festivals this Summer 🙂 x


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