Happy Endings, New Beginnings


8. That’s how many days I have left until my last exam, marking my last ever day in education, at least for quite a while. And as my time in the schooling system comes to a close after 18 years, I’m getting quite reflective on my time spent at university.

Almost four years ago, I rocked up in Birmingham to start my degree in French and Spanish at Aston University. I remember the car journey, clear as day. Before we left home, I was a ball of excitement, but the closer we got to Birmingham, the more nervous I became. I clearly remember driving along the M6 motorway, coming over the top of a hill, and seeing Brum in the distance, and my mum turned to me and said “there you go, that’s your home for the next four years”, and I didn’t know how to respond except with a little “yep”.

Four years later and I’ve had the absolute time of my life, experiencing things I would never have even dreamed of before I went to university. I went to South Korea for a month through an opportunity offered by my faculty. I went on another holiday to South Korea after loving my first trip so much. I’ve even decided the next few years of my life there because of that trip! I’ve lived in Sevilla in Spain and Paris in France. I’ve travelled both countries, visited different cities in my home country, and had several international friends come to visit me here! I’ve had some struggles with tough living conditions and mental health issues, but I’ve started a life in a whole new city, fallen in love with my refurbished campus in an improving city and had a great social life. I’ve loved and lost, and most importantly I’ve made hundreds of new friends from all over the UK and all over the world, many of whom I will stay in contact with for years to come.

Coming to the end of it all, with my graduation in two months time, I’m starting to get a little sad and a little nervous. This part of my life is coming to a close, and I’m going to have to start all over again soon. I’ve never dealt particularly well with change, and I know this time round won’t be any easier. But while I’m nervous, I’m also quite excited. The end of this part of my life means the start of a new one, and I’ll be even closer to carrying out one of the most exciting plans of my life.

So while I sit revising (read: procrastinating – some things never change), my time here in Birmingham draws nearer to its end, and I draw nearer to new, exciting things and life changes. It’s a little tough stepping off this stone and onto the next while I’m not 100% certain when I will be moving onto the one after that, but it’s nice to know that I’ve had a lot of fun while I’ve been here, and nothing will ever replace it.

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