Salwar Kameez: My Aziz Textiles Fabric Review


I have always been interested in the national dress of other countries, especially having the opportunity to try on a hanbok during my first trip to South Korea. So when I was recently approached by Aziz Textiles and given the opportunity to try out a new type of clothing, the salwar kameez, I jumped at the chance!

The salwar kameez, also known as the shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez, is a traditional outift from South-Central and South-East Asia, most notably Pakistan and Afghanistan where it is the national dress. Salwar kameez is the name for the whole suit, broken down into the salwar, which are the trousers, and the kameez, which is the tunic. As well as this, women will often wear a dupatta, which is a long head worn over the head or neck. The salwar kameez is especially popular in India as a comfortable but still formal alternative to the sari.

salwar kameez, aziz textiles, hannah international

I have always been fascinated by South Asian clothing. The colours, patterns and embroidery are stunning and are completely different to the national dress in this part of the world. I was always jealous of the sparkles and bright colours that I never really got a chance to wear! But now I have the chance, and I’m super excited.

salwar kameez, aziz textiles, hannah international

salwar kameez, aziz textiles, hannah international

Reviewing salwar kameez fabric* for Aziz Textiles, Birmingham UK

I was sent this beautiful fabric* for a salwar kameez by Aziz Textiles a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I’ve been struggling to find the time in between my exams and revision and final assignments to get it to a tailor to have it made up, but I couldn’t keep it to myself for any longer! I mean, just look at it – how beautiful is it?!

salwar kameez, aziz textiles, hannah international

The plain green fabric is for the leggings, and the plain cream is for the lining to the tunic. Both fabrics are really soft and I know they’re going to be comfortable to wear. The green fabric is a little heavier, so I feel reassured that the leggings won’t be transparent! The decorative cream embroidered chiffon is beautiful, embroidered in gold and green, matching the trousers and green embroidered dupatta. Despite a few missing or misplaced embellishments, I found no issues with the fabrics, and they were well packaged and arrived very quickly.

salwar kameez, aziz textiles, hannah international

This set costs £25 from Aziz’s website, and that includes all the material needed for the trousers, the lining and decorative fabric for the tunic, and also includes the beautiful dupatta. All the sets come unstitched so after ordering you need to take it to a tailor to be put together, or alternatively you could create a new project for yourself!

I’m so excited to have it put together to show to you all. Stick around to see the finished thing!

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