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A little over a month ago I was nursing one of those ‘up-all-night and awake too early’ hangovers that I’ve experienced probably too many times in my life and will no doubt experience many more times to come. “Why?” you ask? (Let’s face it, you probably don’t, but I need a good segue into the post.) I was my Grad Ball!


As I mentioned in my post a little while ago about my life changing a lot recently, I finished my university degree back in late May, and at the end of the month I and all the other final year students celebrated with our Grad Ball. It was held at the ICC in Birmingham and consisted of a meal with entertainment, and two after parties (of which I attended one – new heels don’t like after parties, it seems).

Photo 28-05-2016, 20 22 12

But enough about the event, more about the dress! I’m a bit of a keen bean when it comes to getting all dolled up for a fancy event, so I started casually looking online for dresses in about February time. I went to the shops at Easter with my mum and tried on a load of dressing, falling in love with an amazing polka-dot number from Coast at Debenhams, but my budget didn’t allow for an almost £200 dress! So I went home, knowing the style and length I wanted, and spotted this dress on Asos, of all places!

Photo 28-05-2016, 19 28 21

When it first came, it seemed so much brighter than it did in the photo online, and I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t a bit too much! But I hung it on my wardrobe so I would see it every day, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with it! Also, IT HAS POCKETS. That’s a winner in my books!



I paired it with some rose gold strappy heeled sandals also from Asos, an absolute bargain at £6 rose gold clutch bag from Matalan, the cutest white flower dangly earrings from Accessorize and a pretty little blue gem necklace gifted to me a few years ago . I piled my hair on the top of my head and stuck a load of hair grips in it, leaving a few bits down at the front, and I even put false eyelashes on (first time ever! Thanks Jasmin xoxo).


With my wonderful crazy friends!

I felt so lovely and summery and I received a lot of compliments both in photos and in the photos I posted to my Facebook. I even had a friend’s mum say I looked ‘exotic’! With most other people wearing black and navy, or quite plain dresses with their hair immaculately styled, I definitely stood out from the crowd with my colourfully cacophonic dress and messy curly hairdo!

Photo 29-05-2016, 08 39 24

The morning after the night before.

In all, it was a wonderful event and I had so much fun celebrating with (almost, looking at you Nathan!) all of my friends that I’ve spent the last four years of my life with. And I feel no shame in saying that I felt amazing, even when my feet were screaming at me in my new heels and I had to take out my contact lenses and put my glasses on!

Do you enjoy getting dressed up? What did you wear to your Grad Ball? Let me know in a comment, a tweet or a Facebook post!

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