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In my last post about Budapest I talked about the famous ruin bars which dominate the city’s nightlife scene. This time, I’m going to talk to you about a lesser known but still highly popular hotspot for a night out in the Hungarian capital!

The Gozsdu udvar, or the Gozsdu courtyard or passage, is a deceptively long walkway in the Jewish Quarter lined with bars and pubs that serve food in the daytime and pump out the music and alcohol at night. If I thought the array of ruin pubs in Budapest is enough for there to be something to suit everyone, the Gozsdu passage is on another level! At the entrance there is a Spanish tapas bar playing reggaeton, followed by a ream of other bars of all types, a seafood restaurant, then a rather vivacious karaoke bar (trust me, that place is so lively and so much fun!) followed by even more bars.

The passage gets quieter as you go along, and at the end of the courtyard are a few food places which stay open late, so if you get the post-drinking munchies you can go and grab some noodles or a Turkish kebab to chow down on on your way home! The tall walls of the Gozsdu udvar are covered with stunning art pieces, and the walkway is strung with lots of pretty lights, so it’s a wonderful place to be both during the day and at night.

Enjoying a beer cocktail...it's much nicer than it sounds!

On the contrary to the electric atmosphere that the place has at night, the courtyard is a really chilled-out place to be during the day. We went for lunch one afternoon and enjoyed some typically Hungarian dishes with some not-so Hungarian cocktails, and relaxed in the sunshine outside on the terrace of Spíler, of one of the restaurants-cum-bars in the middle of the passage.

If you find yourself in the Gozsdu udvar, there will most certainly be a place that you like, but if you find it’s a bit too expensive to spend a whole night there (like we did), it’s just a few minutes walk away from Szimpla kert and many other popular bars. So if you’re visiting the city, make sure to check it out at least once, because it’s easy enough to switch up your night out after experiencing the madness of the Gozsdu udvar!

Do you prefer chilling out with a beer during the day or going crazy on the cocktails at night?! Tell me in the comments, a tweet, or a post on Facebook!

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  1. This looks really fab! 😀 I really want to go to Budapest… it looks even cooler than I thought.

    • hannahinternational says:

      Oh you really should! I loved it and I’ll definitely go back some day. It’s a super cool city!

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