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If you try to talk to a woman while she’s wearing headphones she will instantly fall in love with you.
A woman is worthless and helpless without a good, strong man in her life.
I am an extremely unorganised person.
One of these sentences is true, and it’s up to you to guess which one.

You guessed it, I love having a man interrupt me when I’m probably trying to avoid him just so he can hit on me! KIDDING. I fooled you, didn’t I? The truth is, I’m a terribly organised person. My room is an absolute pigsty, I haven’t filed my bank statements and payslips for at least two years, and I’m frequently emptying my handbag of numerous receipts and napkins and disposable cutlery (don’t ask). I am a messy, last-minute, unorganised person and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I’ve always enjoyed writing lists and having a planner (though to be quite honest I think I enjoy shopping for the stationery more than I enjoy using it) and I’m great at using them for a little while, but after a few weeks my level of interest drops off a cliff and I forget I even own the planner, or I forget to refer to the list – that’s if I haven’t already lost it. So when I met the lovely ladies from Toad Diaries at the Blogger Tiki Party back in June and they offered me one of their new blog planners to review I was a little wary of whether I would actually use it or not. However, not one to want to let people down, I gave it my best shot at using it continually and six weeks later, here I am, still using it!


Not one to take myself too seriously, I find the quote on the front, “I blog therefore I am”, absolutely hilarious, and I giggle about it each time I see it. In all seriousness though, I like the simplicity of the cover, and I know lots of people enjoy motivational quotes, so it’s a solid, simple design. The A5 planner is wire bound with a frosted plastic cover on the front and back. The binding is quite narrow and there is not an excessive amount of pages, so it fits nicely into a small handbag. Following the popular trend of bullet journaling using dotted pages, half of the pages in this blog planner are dotted, and the other half can be used to write to-do lists, record your goals and relevant rewards, and mark the date.


As someone who blogs only one or twice a week, I didn’t feel it necessary to use a spread a day, so I use one spread per week, recording my social media goals for the week, how many posts I would like to write, and the social media posts I need to do for each blog post. On the dotted page, I keep a bullet journal-style list of uncompleted blog posts, new ideas and a little weekly planner at the bottom so I can see when I have time to write, as well as jotting down my stats at the end of each week. If I need to, I pop a little post-it note in there to record ideas I’ve had for post content, and I sometimes write down if anything exciting has happened in my little world of blogging that week (like when I recently went self-hosted and bought a sparkly new theme! Do you like it?).


There are a few little niggles I have with it, such as the tick boxes being out-of-line with the task lines on the to-do lists, and not really feeling the need for a reward line (though this is a personal thing). But in general I’ve really enjoyed having something to write down all my bloggy bits in, and I’ve found myself posting more often and even scheduling posts to go out up to a week in advance (shock horror!).


I would definitely recommend the Toad Diaries blog planner to any smaller blogger who might need a little bit of help getting their thoughts organised. It reminds me to write, and as a stationery lover I am always looking at it and trying to do something to be able to tick an item off my list. If you have a lot of work to do surrounding your blog, I’m not sure it would be quite big enough to contain it all, but for my little blog it’s perfectly sized to help me get on with writing. I’m unsure if it is currently available on the Toad Diaries website, but you should definitely check out the planners and diaries and other products they have on offer. They are customisable, date-flexible and environmentally friendly. Thank you Toad Diaries for the lovely planner!

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