Happy 3rd Birthday, Hannah International!


I am a terrible blog mother. I had forgotten my baby’s (read: blog’s) birthday until ten minutes ago, and now I am sat here rush-writing this post.

Hannah, International is three years old today! That’s three years of writing, three years of travelling, three years of growing, and three lovely years of interacting with people in and out of the blogging world. I started Hannah, International to record my year abroad during university, my journey studying foreign languages, and to generally document my life through my experience of foreign cultures. Since then, my blog has expanded to other topics such as fashion and beauty (only a few posts, mind you), restaurant reviews, and life musings.

When I first started, I used Hannah, International more like a diary. I would greet my readers (what few readers I had – hi, friends and family!) and document things in a “I did this and then I did this” kind of way. Now, I aim to inform and entertain as well as letting people know what I get up to and what I’m thinking about. I broach topics that I didn’t even consider touching on three years ago, and I spit out my thoughts in the form of words in a post to help me process certain issues.

Since the 11th of November 2013, I have published 156 posts (including this one and the one scheduled to go up later this afternoon) – that’s an average of one post a week for three years! Across my social media accounts, I have almost 2000 followers, and my blog has had almost 12,000 hits. My most viewed post has been On My Guard as a Young Woman in Paris, my most consistently popular post is France vs Spain: The 5 Biggest Differences I Have Noticed (So Far!), and my first ever post was Introduction. I have written about such a variety of topics, but some of the posts I’m most proud of are Why I Can’t Eat Spanish Biscuits Any More and I’m Committing Fraud and Somehow Getting Away With It, as well as my South Korea Second-Timer and Budapest is the Buda-Best travel series.

I feel like I have gone from strength to strength in all aspects of my blog. My photography is much better, my content is more interesting, my writing style is much more captivating (I hope!), and my layout looks sooooo much better, if I may say so myself! I think, also, that now my personality and humour shines through a lot more, something that I am particularly happy about.

I never set out to gain followers and earn money or get freebies. I simply wanted to record my journey through university and life, and share it with whoever wanted to read about it. I have made some good friends through this blogging lark, and have become a person who is more informed, more active, and more interested in so many issues and other topics that are talked about today.

To finish off this rambling post, I want to say a humungous THANK YOU to everyone who reads Hannah, International. I enjoy what I write, I hope you enjoy what I write, and I hope you continue to enjoy what I write about in the future. I have an exciting year ahead, and lots of plans for the blog, so, please, stick with me and enjoy the ride!


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