Reduce Stress in the Christmas Season – My (Kind-of) Bullet Journal


Christmas time is a wonderful time of year. Meeting with friends and family, exchanging gifts, cooking lots of lovely food, having a bit too much to drink…it can be a very busy but enjoyable few weeks! But that also means that you have a schedule to keep, gifts to plan and buy, possibly (probably) a budget to keep to, a meal to also plan, drinks to buy…oh my gosh, panic!! There is a lot to do, meaning a lot to plan, and there are various things you can do to help manage this stress and organise yourself so that it all goes smoothly and everyone has a great time.

I keep (some semblance of) a bullet journal. I have kept it for three months now, and will continue to keep it for the foreseeable future (I can’t imagine I’ll get my shit together for, well, forever, to be honest). It helps me to de-stress, sort my mind out, sort my life out, and plan everything. The bullet journal method is a “customizable and forgiving organization system” created by Ryder Carroll (watch this video to learn more). It can be adapted to suit your needs, and has become a bit of a scrapbooking, journaling, planning, creative outlet for people from all walks of life.

I use mine to keep my mind clear, to track my savings and repayments, my weekly tasks, my gym and eating habits…you name it, I record it in my bullet journal! I also keep recipes, mind map blog ideas, party themes and decorating thoughts, among a plethora of things. It’s essentially a place for my mind-vomit to land, so that it doesn’t clog up my mind and bog me down. I am a visual person, meaning I work a lot better by seeing things in front of me, so I write a lot of lists and draw up plans and sketches for ideas I have. By seeing everything laid out in front of me I can see what I have to do and, importantly, what I have already done – this makes me feel productive which, in turn, makes me do even more things!

I had to block out the actual list…no peeking, family!

My bullet journal has been especially helpful during the run-up to December. I’ve been planning all my Blogmas posts, I have a list for all my Christmas shopping, and I have been making mood boards for the Christmas decorations for my bedroom and the Christmas day dinner table! It’s been a great help and means I can see everything that I still need to do before the fat man pulls up his sleigh and drops down the chimney. (Or through the letterbox, in our house!)

I really recommend the bullet journal system to help keep yourself organised during the run-up to Christmas! And if it’s too late, then I still recommend it for life in general. It’s a fun creative outlet that keeps your stress levels low and productivity high.

What do you do stay organised? Do you have a bullet journal? Send me a tweet, chat to me on Facebook or drop me a comment!

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