What Makes Christmas Christmas?


It’s around this time every year that we start putting our Christmas decorations up at home. Outside lights around the pillar at the front door, the real Christmas tree in the conservatory (and fake tree in the lounge), the little wooden dolls and tinsel hanging on the gallery rail over the dining table, and the Christmas countdown angel that sits by the front door are all a small part of the things we put up around our home to make it feel festive. We often (not always, but often) will spend one morning or afternoon on a weekend putting the decorations up as a family blasting Christmas tunes from the sound system and maybe having a drink at the same time. This little (flexible) tradition is what starts to make it really feel like Christmas is coming, for me! And Christmas also isn’t Christmas without our Christmas Eve carpet picnic, stockings on mum and dad’s bed in the morning, and pulling the big cracker at my grandparents’ house on Boxing Day.

I was curious as to what makes Christmas Christmas for other people, so I reached out to some of my close blogging friends to find out what makes their Christmases, and this is what they had to say:

“Christmas is the one time my super busy family all get together properly. It always feels like Christmas is here when we go and pick my older sister up from the train station to stay at our parent’s house. She usually gets a late train, so the next day we normally take the dog for a walk with all the family. We normally end up in a little pub somewhere in a scenic village and everyone is always so friendly and excited for Christmas!”Becky from Geek Gets Glam.


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“There’s not a specific date or time in the build up to Christmas that makes it ‘Christmas’ for me. But I’d say visiting Winter Wonderland in London makes me feel pretty darn Christmassy. Moody London suddenly has a smile on it’s face and the shops and South Bank Christmas market are heaving with cheery people. There’s no hiding from Christmas in London with the streets lit with incredible lights and amazing decorations (unlike my town, who’s decorations have remained the same for at least 10 years).” – Shani from Shani Coles.


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“1. Being with the people you love and seeing the smile on their faces Christmas morning. 2. Waking up to buckfizz and Christmas music. 3. Having the whole family round for a big Christmas dinner.”Amy from Amy Elizabeth Porter.


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“Christmas for me is playing board games with my whole family, whilst our roast dinner-inflated bellies go down. Grandad cheats every single year no matter the board game, Grandma calls him out on it, and they get into the most hilarious fight. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”Izzy from A Dose of Chatter.

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“I love that christmas seems to seep into my life from early November. I try to avoid letting it in until the 6th of November (when bonfire night is over) but then the madness starts! However it is not christmas until:

When all these things have been ticked off its time to sit back, wait for the big fat man from the north pole to deliver my presents, spend the day with my whole family and eat far more than I should!” – Charlotte from Charlotte Lucy and Shoestring Chic.


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Christmas is different for everyone and everyone starts to feel festive at different times! When do you start to feel Christmassy, and what is it that makes Christmas Christmas for youLet me know in a comment, a tweet, or a Facebook post!

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