Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market 2016


The past weekend I went up to Birmingham to visit the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market with my university friends. It’s the largest authentic German market outside of Germany and Austria, and pulls in a whopping 5 million visitors every year. On offer are the traditional bratwurst sausages, steins of German beer and mugs of gluhwein along with lots of other foods, as well as a multitude of craft and gift stalls. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the connection between Frankfurt and Birmingham, and so the market is staying open until after Christmas, unlike other years when it closes a few days before Christmas.

I’ve been to the market for the last four years, and love it every year! Following my visit in 2013 where I took a lot of photos of the wares on offer, I wanted to take some more photos to capture the market at its finest. It’s busy, it’s bustling and it’s very, very festive!

Take a look at the photos I took of the market back in 2013.

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