Homemade Gifts Add a Personal Touch to Christmas


It’s just five days until Christmas, and I’m currently spending my evenings getting the last few bits together for my family’s presents. It’s a little stressful thinking about it all, and I’m ridiculously busy, but it’s all worth it! I’ve always enjoyed making and creating gifts for people rather than buying them. Homemade gifts are also often a great way to go if you’re running late in getting presents ready!

Over the last few years I have had very little money, what with being a poor university student with very poor budgeting skills, so I have had to become very creative with my gifting choices. Many years, I have ended up baking an assortment of Christmas treats for my family, including gingerbread, honeycomb, and homemade chocolate. Home-baked goodies are a great idea – they’re pretty cost-effective, with cheap ingredients yielding large quantities to share between my family members – and there’s never any fear of them going unused!

Another thing I used to make was personal, original drawings. Admittedly, I normally only did these for my grandma, as she had a plethora of past pets (try saying that three times, fast!) that I could draw year on year to fill the spaces on her walls. I had the papers and pens already, but even if you don’t have these, sketch pads and a nice pen can be as cheap as you want to make it, and can churn out lots of lovely, unique presents!

My sister has taken up knitting this year which, while not the cheapest or quickest gift ever, is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones warm in winter. My mum likes to make fabric bunting, another not-so-cheap but equally lovely idea to make for someone to brighten up a home. Some people make candles or sock monkeys, decorate photo frames, or create photo albums or scrapbooks. Jars full of memories are a very sweet idea, and very ‘Pinterest’.

I could go on forever with ideas of homemade gifts you could create (or that I have made!), but I guess what I really wanted to showcase here is that homemade gifts are so wonderful to receive, having had thought and time and care put into them, and they’re just as wonderful to gift!

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