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I have been blogging for three years now, and during that time I have gotten to know quite a few other bloggers through blogging events and the Twittersphere. Some I have never spoken to (simply admired from afar), others I have just had one conversation with, and there are some that have become genuine friends of mine. As it is currently the season of goodwill, I wanted to share the love with some of my blogging favourites, and share them all with you for your pleasure also!

Charlotte from Discovering Charlotte and Shoestring Chic


Photo source: Shoestring Chic

Charlotte was my first ever blogging friend. I met her at an event at The Stable in Birmingham in May (and not at the Blogger Tiki Party as I had said before), and we got on so well that we’ve been talking ever since. We met up again at the East Mids Meetup in September and chatted a lot, and since then we talk to each other frequently. We share the same opinions on many topics (though Charlotte is a little more forward about voicing those opinions than I!) and we just get along so well. Solidifying her status as a superwoman, Charlotte runs two blogs; Discovering Charlotte, where she writes about living with chronic illnesses, mental health and food among other things, and Shoestring Chic where she shares all her budget fashion ideas and charity shopping tips. She is honest, open and makes me laugh out loud!

Shani from Shani Coles


Photo credit: Lori Hodson

I only met Shani a few months ago, at a blogging event in Leicester, but I had to include her on this list. We met while taking the same train up to the event and found ourselves sitting next to one another (after numerous messages back and forth describing what we were wearing and what we look like) and got along like a house on fire! Now, she is the one I go to when I need to have a little (or big) rant, and she just seems to get me down to a T. As well as a great friend, she is a pretty amazing graphic designer, and she runs her own Etsy shop and assists in her mum’s business around writing for her fashion and lifestyle blog AND studying at college. Make sure to take a look at her Etsy shop and check out the phone cases – they are great quality and beautifully designed, and I have one myself!

Jessica from Journeys With Jessica

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This beautiful Oxford girl is a fellow travel-lover, and we’ve been talking a little more recently! She’s an award-nominated blogger, and a wonderful person, and she deserves all the love right now! She’s also been planning a Europe trip for 2017 recently, and I couldn’t be more jealous (and a little bit sad that I can’t be a major fangirl and go with her). If it’s not obvious from her blog name, Jessica writes about her life and travels, and has recently been to the USA on a Contiki tour. She also reviews hotels, so if you’re looking for a place to stay here in the UK, look no further!

Beverley from Pack Your Passport


Photo source: Pack Your Passport

Another wonderful UK-gal, but this time Leeds-based, is Beverley. She is yet another inspiring traveller, and has been to an enviable amount of places. We chat every now and then on Twitter, mostly about our intense distaste for any and all grammatical errors, and I always feel like we would get along so well if we ever meet in person! Her Instagram account is simply beautiful, and her writing is both captivating and informative. She writes stories of her travels that make you feel as if you’re walking alongside her, and tells you all about the place at the same time. Oh, and let’s not talk about her photography skills or I’ll just feel even more inferior…

Alice from Teacake Travels


Photo source: Teacake Travels

Alice, also from the UK, is total travel goals. Fierce, feminist and a solo female traveller, she is on an absolute other level, miles above anywhere I could ever dream of reaching. She began her adventures by starting as an English teacher in South Korea, and never looked back. Now, she’s been to large parts of East Asia (my kind of woman!), as well as a plethora of other places across the globe. She is very open and frank about her experiences, and has worked with all sorts of big name companies, as well as writing her own travel e-book on female traveller safety. I seriously cannot adequately express my love for this woman and the stories she tells, so make sure to visit her website and see it all for yourself.

There are many bloggers and travel writers that I could talk about for days, such as the amazing Janet Newenham (one of the first travel bloggers I ever discovered and loved) and Laura (a fab food blogger who gives me my Birmingham fix), plus many other friends from the Twittersphere. As well as creating quality content, all these great women inspire me for writing about what they love without abandon, and living their lives without apology. They deserve all the love this Christmas, so that’s what I’m giving them!

Do you have any favourite bloggers? Tweet me your answer!

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4 responses to “Share the Christmas Love! | My Five Favourite Bloggers”

  1. I totally clicked on this after seeing you and Charlotte talking on twitter because I wanted to see the photo of her; she’s a wonderful person and this photo just radiates joy – excellent choice! I love this idea of sharing bloggers you enjoy reading – and I’m personally glad there’s some travel bloggers in there as I’m going off on holiday soon and want to have a nosy at some gorgeous photos to get inspiration on how to take photos of exciting things on holiday as I only ever seem to take photos of food.

    And thank you for the shout out too!

    • hannahinternational says:

      It’s it just a wonderful photo? It’s my favourite ever of her! You’re right – the photo encapsulates her!
      Oh I’m glad you liked seeing the travel bloggers! Jessica, Beverley and Alice are three AMAZING women, and all take fab photos! Where are you going on holiday?
      You’re welcome! I couldn’t write about my favourite bloggers without mentioning (even slightly) one of the best food bloggers I know!

  2. Donna says:

    Charlotte is one of my favourite bloggers too! Thank you for introducing me to some new blogs, I will check them out x

    • hannahinternational says:

      Isn’t she wonderful! She makes me laugh a lot, and I love her completely honest approach to literally everything.
      You’re very welcome! I hope you enjoy them! Xx

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