2016 in Photos

2016 in Photos

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a pretty big year. But while the rest of the world has taken a bit of a battering, I have had an absolute cracker of a year! I overcame some mental health issues to write some of my best graded essays ever, including a first-class Spanish dissertation, and discovering a passion for a topic I never knew I had. I graduated with an upper-second class honours degree in French and Spanish, attended my grad ball and felt amazing, visited Budapest with my friends (in Hungary, my eighth country), fell into a job straight away, paid off some family debts, established some very close online and offline friendships, got a boyfrannn, booked a super-eciting trip to Malaysia and Brunei for January and February 2017, reached my savings goal for something special, made a reasonable start to my healthy lifestyle change, and completed my first ever Blogmas!

Through all of this, I managed to take an absolute boatload of photos, and, as I did last year (which proved to be quite popular!) I want to share with you all my favourite snaps that tell the story of the last 12 months. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of them before, but there may be some pretty little pics in here that were unshared…until now!

My first photo of 2016, out on a walk with my doggy.

Getting locked out…someone wasn’t happy about it!


My first ever time doing tasseomancy (tea leaf reading).


My beautiful Birmingham at 5am (after all night spent working on my dissertation).


Going blonde for the first time ever!


Turning 22! Prosecco and a caterpillar cake!


Handing in my pesky dissertation with two of my best friends.


Award winning Gallone’s ice cream.


On my first of three trips to Oxford this year. At Hertford Bridge, also known as the ‘Bridge of Sighs’.


Taken from the roof of my beloved Aston University on their 50th Anniversary weekend. Looking over my darling Birmingham (well, part of it).


In my first Lindy Bop dress, off to a awards evening for university societies.


Doing my last ever all-nighter for my last ever undergraduate essay.


One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, at The Stable in Birmingham, at my first blogging event.


With the wonderful Nathan of escXtra after our last exam EVER!


Attending grad ball with the best bunch of people ever.

My post-university trip to Budapest happened, making Hungary my eighth country.

After years of waiting, I FINALLY went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and loved every minute of it.


At the Blogger Tiki Party on national Pina Colada day!


Watching this guy graduate…


…and then graduating myself!


Working with Brook Bell Tents at the fabulous Twinwood Festival.


I had to say goodbye to this guy, but I also booked a trip to Malaysia and Brunei to see him in January!


My third trip to Oxford, satisfying my Harry Potter needs at New College.


Choosing the family Christmas tree!



Celebrating Christmas.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful year, and I wish you all the best for 2017.

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