Afternoon Tea at Atmosphere 360, Kuala Lumpur


Atmosphere 360 is a revolving restaurant at the top of the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world. It offers diners panoramic views of the whole of the city, something that I couldn’t miss out on during my trip to the Malaysian capital.

atmosphere-360-review, kuala-lumpur

When deciding where I want to eat, I normally make my restaurant choices based on the food on offer, but occasionally I will prioritise an experience over culinary quality. Of course, before booking, I wasn’t to know the level of food served at Atmosphere 360, but I knew for certain that the visual experience would be next-to-nothing, so I went ahead and booked online a few weeks in advance to my trip. There are several options available with regards to meal choices, but ultimately I chose the afternoon tea because of budget and itinerary constraints. It cost us 64RM each, around £11.60, which included our entire afternoon tea and drinks, plus access to the viewing deck one floor below the restaurant, a price which I thought was very reasonable. It was to be my first ever afternoon tea so I was looking forward to it, eager to see what little bites they had in store for us.

On arrival at the base of the tower (and after changing into my nicer shoes – the dress code denotes you much be nicely dressed to enter) 10 minutes before our booked time slot we were issued our tickets and ushered through airport-style security and, after a small delay on the table leading to a short walk around the observation deck, we were seated at a table for two among a handful of other diners. I was surprised, and a little disappointed, to find out that the afternoon tea was actually an afternoon tea buffet and not the typical tea at the table that I had expected. (And on looking back at the website it doesn’t state that it’s a buffet, something I find a little misleading.)

atmosphere-360-review, kuala-lumpur

atmosphere-360-review, kuala-lumpur

atmosphere-360-review, kuala-lumpur

The food on offer was a mixture of Indian-Malaysian and English cuisines, from a mild curry and Malaysian savoury pastries, to tuna sandwiches and small finger cakes. All food, plus coffee, tea and water were unlimited, which makes for good value if you can fit a lot in during your two-hour time slot! But, while the food was nice enough, the selection was quite small and I found we were quick to exhaust our options – certainly not one for the picky eaters. I was put off a little by a small insect crawling round the buffet table, but by the time I had spotted it I was already on my post-dinner coffee and opted to put it out of my mind for want of spoiling my visit.

Serving staff were on hand at any given moment, and were very polite and accommodating. They knew the best spots to take some cracking photos, and even showed us how to lay on the angled windows to get that daring shot and subsequent adrenaline rush, something I didn’t partake in!

atmosphere-360-review, kuala-lumpur

Coloured chairs and table cloths coupled with patterned carpets made for unremarkable décor, but it was clean and relatively simple, leaving the floor-to-ceiling windows and their incredible views to make up the rest of the decoration. And what a view it was too! During our two hours we got to see the whole of the city from above, look out towards the highlands and watch a lightning storm roll in from the coast.

Our experience at Atmosphere 360 was a nice one. It wasn’t loud or busy, the staff were pleasant and the food was just nice. The dining experience did nothing to blow my mind, but ultimately we went to see Kuala Lumpur from the sky (well, 282 metres up) and the views did not disappoint, even despite the bad weather. I would recommend it as a pleasant, novelty meal that won’t bust your budget, but if you’re looking for a culinary awakening then look elsewhere.

You can visit the Atmosphere 360 website here.

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3 responses to “Afternoon Tea at Atmosphere 360, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Jorjetti Calma says:

    Hi there! Even if u didn’t pay the extra MR25, u still got a table by the window? Their website indicated it, but if I can avoid that cost and still enjoy the view then that’d be awesome. Tnx for answering! 🙂

    • hannahinternational says:

      Hi Jorjetti!

      I didn’t even know about the extra 25RM cost to sit by the window, so no I didn’t pay it! However we went on a Wednesday afternoon, so it was super quiet. I’m sure that if you’re going for the evening meal or any session on the weekend paying the extra 25RM would be worth it!
      Have a great time!

  2. Chin says:

    The food was delicious

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