The Coolest Thing About my Seoul Apartment


Have you ever bought something and when you’ve taken it out at home you’ve discovered something really cool about it that you didn’t notice before? Isn’t it the best feeling? Well imagine that, but it being about your house! It’s exactly what happened to me when I moved into my Seoul apartment.

When I arrived at my little studio flat around a month and a half ago I was pretty happy with what I’d been given. A nice, modern place with a satisfactory amount of storage and big, bright windows – I was pleased to have a decent place to call home for the next year. Because of a lack of funds, I didn’t initially do a lot with it (and still haven’t), except for buy a few household supplies.

But when mum came to visit in March, she gave the place a top to toe examination, including the top shelf of the cupboard in the entryway to the flat, which I hadn’t bothered to explore. I had seen the black bag sitting there, but I hadn’t thought to take it down and see what it held, presuming it to be something to do with maintenance. I had also seen the metal hook/loop fixture high on the wall by the window, but simply assumed it was curtain-related and thought no more of it.

It was when I came home from work one day, when mum told me about the black bag and the loop, and how they’re actually connected. It turns out that the black bag contains a harness, rope and carabiner which attach to the wall fixture – a fire escape abseiling system!

I’m pretty easily amused, and I thought it was super cool that I basically have an abseiling kit in my flat. Of course, it’s only to be used in the event of a fire (and I’m not planning to become the next James Bond), but I thought it was so clever that I wanted to share it! Seoul, being a very quickly and recently developed city, instead of growing outwards has grown upwards – the skyline is high-reaching, filled with tall office and apartment blocks. Fire safety solutions have had to adapt to this, and my abseiling kit is certainly a great idea!

What’s the coolest thing about your home?

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4 responses to “The Coolest Thing About my Seoul Apartment”

  1. That’s crazy! I’d have thought we’d never allow something like that in the UK due to most of us being idiots and no doubt trying it out when there isn’t an emergency. Not gonna lie, if I were you I probs would have attempted the absail down the building already hahaha

    Rebecca, xo

    • hannahinternational says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there! Drunk idiots in student accommodation buildings would give it a go and probably kill themselves in the attempt!
      I might have done it already if I didn’t have to tear the protective mesh guard on my window, or if I wouldn’t be deported for being a crazy foreigner abseiling her building for the hell of it, haha!

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha this is awesome! I fully expect you to give it a go. Would be rude not to really! X

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