Arriate Flower Café 아리아떼, Yeoksam-dong, Seoul


South Korea is pretty famous for its café culture, and flower cafés are very popular here in Seoul. A few days ago, a friend tagged me in a photo of a pretty café on Facebook, saying that “we have to go!” So with the 6th of June being a national holiday for Memorial Day, we made plans to visit Arriate flower café in Gangnam-gu.

Arriate flower café 아리아떼

Arriate is a beautiful little independent flower café in the Yeoksam neighbourhood of Seoul, just one station along from Gangnam. It rained all day, but Arriate was a lovely shelter from the bad weather. We arrived, marvelled at the décor, and then I swiftly ordered a drink and piece of cake.

Arriate flower café 아리아떼

I chose the mango mojito to drink, and the tiramisu cake to munch on. Not an ideal combination, but both were lovely by themselves, and not completely ruinous – they came to around 13,000W together ($11.50/£9). The mango mojito was fruity and lightly flavoured, but not too sweet, and the tiramisu cake was a good portion – not overwelming – and also light, but just rich enough that you wanted more!

The main attraction of the place is, of course, the décor, and did it ever live up to our expectations. The whole shop is adorned with dried flowers and living plants, from ceiling to floor. Even the drinks come with their own tiny vase with a freshly cut flower alongside on the tray for decoration. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful. It wasn’t busy; I’m not sure how long Arriate has been around, so it has either lived past its big hype moment, or still has it to come. Either way, I’m pleased we found it when we did.

Located a 5-minute walk, tops, straight up the hill from Yeoksan station exit 7 on Line 2 (the green line), Arriate is super easy to find and comfortably situated. It’s perfect for spending a couple of hours inside on a rainy day. I will definitely be back!

3 responses to “Arriate Flower Café 아리아떼, Yeoksam-dong, Seoul”

  1. Giana says:

    omg this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! Will deffo be visiting this if I ever travel here! xx


  2. This place is bloody adorable and AS ALWAYS I am oggling over your photos!

    Rebecca, xo

  3. sirvikalot says:

    OH MY GOODNESS how beautiful is this place?! Flower cafes need to be a thing in the UK pronto. I’m so jealous. Your mojito sounds incredible and as every your photos are wonderful. Also I learned something from your blog again. I feel really well traveled and cultured without having to leave the house.

    V <3

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