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I’ve been having internet problems since moving to Korea. First, it was a problem with actually getting it, and now the problem is that I’m using it too quickly. This is probably because of the incessant scrolling of Instagram that I do during my breaks at work (and while I’m walking to and from work, and taking the subway, and taking the bus, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner…you get the picture!). But can you blame me? I’ve discovered a whole bunch of Instagram accounts new to me since moving to Seoul, and they’re all so great! So, I’m sharing with you a list of my 5 favourite Seoul Instagrammers, and I’m sure you’ll love them too!

Arielle from @soju4two

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Stars in my eyes! ✨✨✨✨ . 📸 @darescovertheglobe . . . #롯데월드 #lotteworld #예술 #핫 #여자 #셀피 #wanderlust #expat #weekendvibes #seoul #jamsil #teamlab #crystal #floral #ootd #sunglasses #reflection #fromwhereistand #explore #citylife #seoul #seoul_korea #imagineyourkorea #iseoulu #서울 #잠실 #여행 #행복 #원피스

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soju4two, seoul instagrammers

I met Arielle for the first time a couple of weeks ago when we visited Miss Yoon in Wonderland, an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant-café. One half of a set of twins, Arielle runs a YouTube account as well, vlogging hotspots to visit in Seoul and the rest of Korea. I love her Instagram feed for the beautiful quality of her photos, as well as the concise but super informational videos about the best attractions you can find in this city we call home!

Find Arielle here: Instagram | YouTube

Hallie from @thesoulofseoulblog

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Just posted all of the pics and info for @cafe_valor Click on the link in the profile to see more from this amazing cafe/movie studio. Go and take some stunning photos of your own! 📷 @soju4two . . . . . . #cafevalor #카페발로 #인천카페 #부평카페 #incheon #ig_korea #imagineyourkorea #visitseoul #iseoulu #photogsinkorea #thatauthenticfeeling #nothingisordinary #시카고타자기 #뷰티인사이드 #chicagotypewriter #thebeautyinside

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thesoulofseoulblog, seoul instagrammers

Hallie was the first Instagrammer I discovered from what seems like a pretty close community of Seoul expat Instagrammers/bloggers, and she’s the reason why I’ve found many of my other favourite Seoul accounts (@10mag, @10magfood and @87pages among many others) including Arielle from above! Running her Instagram account alongside her blog about life in Korea, Hallie is an Ohioan, mother, and amazing photographer! I always look forward to seeing her new posts for inspiration on how to live my best life here in Korea.

Find Hallie here: The Soul of Seoul (Blog) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Katherine from @skinfullofseoul

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Thanks for joining my live eye makeup session, if you caught it! This is my finished look. Products used on my eyes during the live: . 👀NYX Dusk Till Dawn Palette…it's really old so I'm sure it's not still available… 👀Clio Kill Black Pen Liner 👀Berrisom C Cup Long Mascara (courtesy @lovebrenda80 ) 👀 and that's it! . On my lips is the @jsmbeauty_ High Tinted Lip Lacquer in Carmen Red which I received courtesy JSM! Obsessed with the color 😍 . . . . . . . . #뷰티 #뷰티블로거 #뷰티스타그램 #selfie #셀피 #셀카 #lips #eyes #motd kbeauty #koreancosmetics #koreanbeauty #rasianbeauty #koreanskincare #skin #skincare #beauty #cosmetics #makeup #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #instabeauty #instamakeup #instablogger #bblogger #bbloggers #travel #seoul #korea #uk

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skinfullofseoul, seoul instagrammers

I’m not going to lie to you, a massive part of the reason why I followed Katherine on Instagram is because she is a fellow Brit living in Seoul. But I can also be honest in saying that I now love her account for everything she posts too! You want the lowdown on Korean skincare? Katherine knows it, and shares it with us mere skincare mortals. Since vowing to myself on my own Instgram story the other day that I am going to sort my skin out once and for all, I have been scouring her posts for recommendations on products that might help my dermatological issues. And, with the plethora of knowledge/experience that Katherine has, I have no doubts that I will be able to find something that works!

Find Katherine here: SkinfullofSeoul (Blog) | Instagram | Twitter

Fii from @fiixii

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My favourite from this set tbh 📸: @project_s_way . . . #fbloggers #오오티디 #데일리그램 #패션블로거 #패션그램 #데일리 #fashionaddict #촬영 #모델 #stylegram

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fiixii, seoul instagrammers

How could I write this list without including the gorgeous Fii?! Another Brit like me, Fii moved to Seoul just a couple of weeks before I did, and, since chatting on Twitter before we left and meeting up here in Korea, we have become pretty good friends! An expert on East Asia, K-beauty and K-fashion, Fii is wardrobe goals and I admire her bold clothing choices every day (and just wish I could pull them off myself!). As well as blogging, YouTube-ing and Instagramming her way around life in Korea, Fii is also a part-time model and fellow ESL teacher. Her modelling shots will have you FLOORED.

Find Fii here: Little Miss Fii (Blog) | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Ken from @klumlee

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I love old Seoul 🏘

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seoul_stateofmind, seoul instagrammers

This jaw-dropping account is my newest discovery, and I am already smitten. Ken is, yet another, fellow Brit who was born and raised in London, and is a photographer and travel and lifestyle blogger. His Instagram posts show off not only the stunning cities that he visits, but also the little details that you might miss otherwise. I particularly love Ken’s photos of bustling Asian streets and people going about their everyday lives. His feed really shows of the true beautiful chaos of Seoul, and I can’t look away.

Find Ken here: Seoul State of Mind (Blog) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

There are many more accounts I could mention, as well as large, community-led accounts and hashtags, such as #iseoulu and #imagineyourkorea, but I would need to run a whole other blog to document all the causes of the serious #photoenvy I have every time I scroll through my Instagram timeline!

Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

You can find me on Instagram too, at @hannahinternational!

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A couple of weeks ago at Gyeongbokgung. Photo by @fiixii @photogrxfii.

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