My Top 5 Korean Beauty Buys | Spring 2017


South Korea is the land of beauty and skincare. Korean beauty products are high quality, affordable, and abundant. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that I have added quite a few new items to my makeup bag since moving to Korea in February. Back in January, which feels like such a long time ago now, I put a poll out on Twitter asking people which posts they were most looking forward to seeing on my blog while I’m living in Korea, and 57% of people said K-Beauty! So, by popular demand, here is a list of my top 5 favourite Korean makeup purchases of the last three months!

1. CLIO Kill Black waterproof pen liner – 01 Black

This is top of my list because I love it too much. Before I changed to this one I was using the Rimmel ScandalEyes pen liner and it just wasn’t cutting it. But the Kill Black pen liner is perfect. It’s long-staying, really easy and smooth to apply with the fine pen tip, and the colour comes out super black – no streakiness at all. At 12,000W a pop (£8.10/$10.45) it’s not going to break the bank, but it is going to make sure your cat eye is ‘on point’. [Buy here]

2. PeriPera Peri’s Ink The Velvet lip tint – #14 Beauty Peak Rose

I like this one so much I’ve worn it for the last three weekends straight! (I don’t tend to wear makeup during the week unless it’s a special occasion, but if I did I would be wearing this). It’s a lip tint slash lip gloss slash liquid lipstick, and it’s wonderful. Besides the super cool packaging making it look like a bottle with a dropper applicator, the lip tint is smooth and velvety without being sticky. It doesn’t apply completely matte, but after wearing it for a while it seems that way; an effect I like. I like that I can apply this product all over my lips for full coverage, or create the ever-popular ‘bitten lip’ look with an outwards-fading gradient of colour…and all with a Korean colour that actually suits my skin tone! It costs 9000W (£6.10/$7.80) and if it isn’t already in your makeup bag then it should be. [Buy here]

3. Missha Cover Prime liquid concealer – Fair

I bought this concealer on a recommendation from fellow Korea-blogger Fii and I’m glad I did. It’s the perfect colour for me and applies really well. I had never had a ‘real’ concealer before, always relying on £2 sticks of cheapo stuff from Boots or Superdrug (not knocking it – they did me well for a beginner!) but since I’ve been getting more into my makeup I wanted to purchase something a little better quality and this Missha concealer is perfect. I’ve used it a lot already so it’s a bit messy! But mess or no mess, it covers everything I want to cover and blends nicely whether I’m wearing a base or not (when you teach kids, every moment that can be spent in bed of a morning will be spent in bed, i.e. I’m a lazy makeup-er during the week). Also, it’s only 8,800W (£6/$7.70) – result! [Buy here]

4. Nature Republic Provence marble highlighter – #01 Bloom Peach

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t put this higher in my list. In fact, I don’t know how I’ve kept to myself about this highlighter since I bought it two months ago. It is pure gold (sorry not sorry) and I think I may have found the holy grail of highlighters. You want gold on your face? Get this. It’s an absolute DREAM. I didn’t know I could get emotional about makeup until I found this. On a serious note: this Provence marble highlighter is perfect. It has an ideal ratio of glitter to shimmer, and is SUPER pigmented. A little bit goes a long way! It’s not too gold and not too peach. It’s warm but not bronzing and is perfect for Winter and Summer. I am in love. (Sorry, boyfriend.) It’s not the cheapest product I ever bought – at 16,900W (£11.50/$14.85), but it’s worth it. (17/08/17 – currently on sale for 11,830W/£8/$10.40.) [Buy here]

5. Missha The Style Jewel Star Eyes eyeshadow mousse – #04 Apple Blossom

I bought my first Jewel Star Eyes product when I first came to Korea four years ago, and knew that I needed a new one when I came back. I originally had it in shade 02 Havana Coral which I loved but decided to get a pinker shade this time. It has a kind of spongy, mousse-y texture, but when applied is not sticky at all. It’s a little more expensive at 9,800W (£6.70/$8.60) but it’s not going to break the bank! You get a large amount of product in one pot and it really goes a long way…just one small swipe on your finger will do both eyes! [Buy here]

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These 5 items are just a drop in the water of the additions to my makeup bag that have happened since I moved here. There are so many more that I could have included, but these were my outstanding winners.

Since people seem to want more beauty and skincare posts, and as I have taken a much larger interest in them, I’ll be sharing K-beauty a lot more often! I’ve made a lot of changes to my skincare routine, among other things, so I have a lot of things to be talking about. BUT if there is anything in particular that you would like to see, do let me know over on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram!

What’s your favourite purchase of the last few months?

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