Innisfree 2017 Jeju Color Picker Collection


Innisfree is one of my favourite Korean brands for it’s beautiful makeup and skincare that are made from natural ingredients from Jeju-do. They are great quality and happily affordable. I spotted this year’s special edition Jeju Color Picker collection while out shopping around a month ago, and it has been no exception to my “I love Innisfree” rule.

Innisfree 2017 Jeju Color Picker

2017 Jeju Color Picker

The 2017 Jeju Color Picker Collection is a small selection of makeup and nail art products that have been created in colours found naturally occurring on Jeju Island. Saying nothing of the fact that the two main colours – powder blue and baby pink – were the Pantone colours of the year for  2016, the two main colours of the collection are a beautiful soft blue and powdery pink. Across the rest of the collection we can see more soft tones in yellow, peach and lavender, with a few brighter pops of pink.

I didn’t get everything in the range as there is quite a variety of products on offer and it’s not all to my taste (plus, money). Instead, I went for a few pieces that I thought I would get the most use out of which were the highlighter, nail polishes and press-on nails by Dashing Diva. The highlighter cost 16,000W (£10.80), the polishes were 3,000W (£2.00) each, and the nails were Dashing Diva’s standard price of 9,800W (£6.60).

Innisfree 2017 Jeju Color Picker

Blooming Highlighter

The standout of my purchases and, in my opinion, of the entire collection is the 5-tone, compact pressed powder ‘blooming highlighter’. It’s made of five different colours – white, yellow, peach, pink and lilac – and gives a warm, pearlescent shimmer when applied. You can use the colours separately, but they’re even better worn swirled together. Mixing them has a stunning effect, and I can’t get enough of it. (And that’s just the product – the packaging is equally as beautiful!)

Innisfree 2017 Jeju Color Picker

Real Colour Nails

I’ve really taken to Innisfree’s nail polishes recently because their formula is great and they apply really well, and the Jeju Color Picker polishes were no exception. I bought two of them, in shades 101 and 103. The nudey pink-peach has a plain, glossy finish, but the blue has a slight aqua blue shimmer to it which is what sold me on it, to be quite honest. The two colours are beautiful and compliment each other really well, but look equally as good when worn alone. When applied right, these polishes can last for a good while; I wore mine for over a week with minimal chipping (and I work in a kindergarten!).

Innisfree 2017 Jeju Color Picker

Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails

The last thing I bought was the Dashing Diva x Innisfree press-on nails that form part of this collection. The nails all consist of a nude base with a large French tip in varying colours (peach, pink and blue), with some feature nails decorated with silver strips and white diamanté jewels. I haven’t worn them yet, but I have worn other Dashing Diva nails before (recently) and I enjoyed them. They stayed on for a surprisingly long time (over a week – almost ten days!) and fit nicely. After a little while some of the sticker underneath wears away, so washing your hair can be a bit of a pain, but in general I liked them. I thought the Color Picker nails were quite special, so I’m stashing them away to wear for a special occasion.

Innisfree 2017 Jeju Color Picker

There are a whole bunch of other products on offer (at least there were – they seem to be slowly disappearing from the stores and only a limited range of items are available online, presumably since they’re limited edition) including colour correction and contour kits, liquid blushes and lipsticks, several more shades of nail polish and also a set of nail stickers. There’s something for most people, they’re good quality, and they’re affordable, so I can do nothing but recommend them.

You can find some of the products online here.*

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