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Wherever I travel to I always try to bring something back that reminds me of that place. Besides adding to my growing collection of rings from around the world, I like to have something that I can put on display in my bedroom or flat. If you visited my place right now, you’d see a lucky cat and other Chinese New Year decorations from Malaysia, a pretty coconut and mother of pearl bowl from Thailand, as well as drawings and postcards and tickets and stickers from all sorts of places I’ve visited across the years.

The world on my walls

There is one difference, however, from how I would decorate my bedroom back at home. Living abroad calls for small additions from home into the décor of my apartment. It means I don’t lose touch with my home (not that I ever could), and while on bad days it makes me feel extremely homesick, most of the time seeing these little pieces of my UK home make me smile and appreciate my hometown more.

Now, you can see a postcard from my hometown, photos of my family, a drawing done by my friend and all my leaving cards strung up on one wall. (We’ll ignore the fact that I left the UK six months ago…I’m lazy, OK?) You can also see a map poster of my second UK home, from when I lived away for university.

Modern Map Art, Hannah International

A little piece of home from Modern Map Art

I was approached by Modern Map Art a little while ago to see if I’d like to receive one of their posters. As a person who, as a teenager, plastered her walls with A4 photo printouts and magazine band posters, and as a person who loves a good map or atlas print, I jumped at the chance. I was recommended the Birmingham poster, and I thought it would make a perfect addition to my flat. I opted for black on white – it is also offered in white on black – to maintain the fresh-ish feel of my flat, and waited for a delivery. A shorter-than-expected time later, I came home to a delivery and, lo-and-behold, it was the poster.

Modern Map Art, Hannah International

The website states that the poster does not come in matte, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Printed on heavy-duty paper which is in fact matte, it’s a very good quality print with crisp, clear lines and zero pixelation. Packaged in a sturdy tube, the poster came completely scratch free, protected also by two sheets of protective paper.

Modern Map Art, Hannah International

I’ll be honest; the price is a little bit more than I would be willing to pay for a simple poster to stick on my wall. At $30 for an 8×10 print I think it’s very pricey. However, if I were moving into a new house or apartment and I wanted a really good quality large print to frame as a feature piece in my bedroom or living room I would be OK with it. The prints come in five different sizes ranging from 8×10″ to 24×36″, costing between $30 and $80. As the company is based in the continental US, postage to the UK is another $9 on top, but when I received mine it was very securely packaged in a sturdy poster tube in between two sheets of protective paper so I think it’s a pretty good price.

All in all, I was pleased with my experience and the service I received, and I would recommend Modern Map Art to someone looking for a special, modern-feel map to feature in their home.

How do you decorate your home?

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