Seoul’s Fleeting Autumn (Lindy Bop Bletchley Dress)


Seoul is currently blanketed in the yellow leaves of the ginkgo trees that have been dropping for the past week and a half. Summer felt like it was here forever, but autumn feels like it didn’t even take its coat off when popping by for a visit. It’s still hanging on, but with daytime temperatures of 2 degrees Celcius set to be rolling in from next week onwards, I’m afraid the pretty reds and yellows on the trees will soon be a distant memory. The Korean winter is famous for being harsh and long, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. So before I let the cold sink into my bones for four months, I’ve been trying to enjoy the autumn in Seoul while it’s here.

Autumn in Seoul, Lindy Bop Bletchley, Seokchon Lake, Hannah International

All photos by Fii Cridland.

단풍 dan-pung n. Autumn foliage

Last weekend, Fii and I hopped over to Seokchon lake, an area of Jamsil that is famous for its pretty blossoming trees in the springtime. Now, I never made it over there during spring (which is shameful really because it’s not all that far from my flat) but I knew it would be lovely in the autumn also, and so, sporting Fii’s rather lovely camera, we went for a mosey and to snap some pictures. Of course.

Autumn in Seoul, Lindy Bop Bletchley, Seokchon Lake, Hannah International

The autumn weather here is much like it is in the UK: often chilly with the odd mild day, beautiful sunshine, and warm light. We caught the lake on a morning with gorgeous weather, if a little nippy, and the autumn trees were burning in all their fall glory. There were a fair few people around enjoying the weather and sights of the bright trees along the perimeter of the small lake, as we were. (And a fair few of those fair few people stopped to watch us taking photos, with one man even telling us about his disaster flight on a trip to London one time after interrupting us to ask where we’re from.) There was a small festival set up along the northern side of the lake, with photo opportunity benches, archways, and even a traditional music performance.

I was pleased to have finally made it out to do something other than shopping, café hopping, or eating and drinking on the weekend. It was refreshing to walk round a pretty place in the semi-fresh air (let’s face it, Seoul’s air is never going to be fresh, especially not that close to Gangnam) and with the sun on my face.

Autumn in Seoul, Lindy Bop Bletchley, Seokchon Lake, Hannah International

Lindy Bop ‘Bletchley’ dress in blue stripe

This is my first time posting about any of my dresses, or doing a style post, as such. I have a few swing dresses here with me in Seoul and a fair few hanging in my wardrobe back at home in the UK. I also have a budding pAsSiOn FoR fAsHiOn interest in the latest trends and putting clothes together thanks to attending Seoul Fashion Week, so it may well be that you’ll be seeing more of these style posts around here.

Before purchasing this dress, I already had two of Lindy Bop‘s ‘Bletchley’ dresses; one in a plain burgundy and another in a winter print that I wore for about three days straight last Christmas. Despite this, I had wanted this particular pattern since I attended Twinwood Festival in Bedford, UK last summer and saw my friend, Sophie, wearing it. I fell in love with it, and then, over a year later, I spotted it online for half the price it normally retails at and bought it there and then. I had my parents bring it out to me when they came to visit and waited patiently for a moment to get some good shots in it.

Autumn in Seoul, Lindy Bop Bletchley, Seokchon Lake, Hannah International

Made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, the dress is thick and heavy but not restricting. It is lined in the bodice which contains a concealed side zip, and has a wide, flared skirt. The buttons function and the dress comes with a removable matching belt. I have found Lindy Bop to be a little touch and go with their sizings sometimes, but I know that the Bletchley size 12 fits me perfectly and this one was no exception. It’s comfortable yet fitted, though possibly a little snug on the boobs so anyone over a D cup might like to size up to accommodate.

Oh, and it has pockets.

Autumn in Seoul, Lindy Bop Bletchley, Seokchon Lake, Hannah International

Even though it has the potential to look a little hoedown-y or farmer’s wife-y, I love the way this dress looks. It’s quite possibly perfect for the autumn! I wore it with some navy H&M tights and some deep red chunky heeled shoes, and popped a navy net petticoat underneath for fullness.

How have you been enjoying the autumn weather where you are?

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