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Welcome to the first post in a seven-part series on how some of my favourite expat bloggers here in South Korea spend their Christmas away from ‘home’. First up is the wonderful Fii from Little Miss Fii, a fashion and expat lifestyle blogger from the UK who happens to be one of my closest friends here in Seoul.

Hello! Please introduce yourself, and tell us how you found yourself in Korea!

Hi, I’m Fii. I’m from the UK and I blog about fashion, beauty and some of my adventures in Korea (if you can call them that). I teach English here and I also model occasionally. I came back to Korea in February of 2017 to start life as a working adult, but I used to study here when I was at university.

Little Miss Fii

How do you usually celebrate Christmas ‘back home’?

We don’t get the tree up until really late (around the 19th of December) mostly because that’s just how it was when my sisters and I were still at school, but we also have to get through two birthdays before we can even think about Christmas. :’) The day itself doesn’t really start of as anything special, but dad will have carols on from a CD in the kitchen (he does that from the start of December though so), and breakfast will probably have been swapped from cereals to stollen. Christmas really starts when my Aunt and Uncle arrive, we’ll have Christmas lunch with crackers and arguments over vegetables and who is actually eating meat this year/drinking alcohol. Then we exchange gifts and probably end up playing board games.

What 3 things do you miss the most about Christmas at home?
1. My dad’s cooking. He makes the best puddings.
2. That super homey ‘everyone’s so loved’ kinda feeling, because I’m a sap, and also because Christmas over here is very commercialised and more of a date day than family time.


How do you normally spend Christmas in Korea?

The last time I was here I don’t remember actually doing anything for it? It wasn’t super special. I remember spending a ridic amount of time hunting for mince pies, but the actual day itself I spent on Skype with my family when the time zones matched up, and with my closest friend when they didn’t. It’s hard to do things when you’re a student abroad because people use holidays to go home and you’re constantly watching money because there isn’t an income. This year should be so much better though.

Little Miss Fii

Photo by It’s Dayji.

What are your favourite things to do in the Christmas season here in Korea?
I don’t have any really specific things to recommend because stuff changes so quickly here! But to be generic and maybe slightly sound like one of those ‘visit Korea’ list posts:

You can visit Fii’s blog, watch her on Youtube, see her snaps on Instagram and keep up with life on Twitter. She posts about fashion, skincare and life in Seoul.

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