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I am an Etude House girl. While my alliances/preferences have strayed in the past ten months, Etude House was my first Korean beauty love and that will never change. So when I first saw the Be My Universe range hit the stores I was incredibly excited. Space-themed makeup AND made by my ride or die K-Beauty brand? I was already sold.

Be My Universe!

The Be My Universe range offers quite a selection of products including eyeshadow palettes, glitter pigments, matte and glitter lipsticks (and interchangeable cases), hand creams, a fragrance, an oil base, mascaras, brushes, and a bag to keep it all in. I wasn’t about to go out and spend a fortune on the entire collection however, so I just picked up the two pieces I liked the most; the Universe Multi Palette in Golden Galaxy, and the glitter lipstick in #RD305 Stellar Red with the navy and gold Be My Universe case.

Be My Universe review Hannah International

From the first moment, the packaging struck me down. It’s absolutely stunning, featuring planets and stars in multiple colours and patterns, with details in gold foil, holographic threads and gold glitter. I’ve not seen an Etude House collection quite as stunning as this one, well, ever. Even down to the details pressed into the highlighter in the palette, or the tiny planet printed alongside the product name and number on the lipstick, almost every little detail has been thought about.

Be My Universe review Hannah International

Starting with the standout piece for me; the Golden Galaxy palette consists of six eyeshadow shades and a highlighter. As the name suggests, all the powders are warmer-toned and work well with golden colours. The shadows consist of two matte shades – a warm, medium brown (Gravity) and a fair, warm-ish nude (Jupiter) – one shimmer – a rich copper (Mars) – and three glitters – a cool deep brown (Lonely Pluto), a bright, yellow gold (Sunlight), and a pinkish-red (Yorktown). The highlighter warm and shimmery but understated, with gold tones (Golden Planet). The payout from the two matte shades is pretty poor, and the gold glitter takes some effort to build up, but the four other shades I was quite pleased with. The highlighter is very lovely, and is perfect for building up to reach your ideal glow. As for the packaging, it’s a really nice weight, doesn’t feel flimsy at all, and has a good clear mirror in the lid.

Be My Universe review Hannah International

Be My Universe review Hannah International

The lipstick was a spontaneous buy on my part. I had seen the other glitter lipstick advertised (a purple base with blue glitter) and I needed it, but once I swatched it in-store I was thoroughly disappointed. The red shade, however, was a winner from the start. The base colour is a nice bright but deep, cool-toned red and the glitter is pink. It’s slightly glossy, and the glitters are quite fine. It applies easily and consistently, requiring a few strokes for optimum opacity/glitteriness. The glitter is a little scratchy at times, however, and I found that the lipstick bled a little, but it’s been the start of winter (aka. dry lips central) and I wasn’t wearing a lip liner, so this may have been avoided with proper care. Despite this, the lipstick is great and I’m so pleased I bought it. It’s perfect for the winter season and all the Christmas parties coming up!

Be My Universe review Hannah International

Besides loving the lipstick, the case I went for is also fabulous. I went for the navy and gold case with the name of the range emblazoned on the side in shiny gold lettering. The base of the case is covered in gold glitter, and it’s all sealed in so that none of it comes off in your hands or in your bag. There were five cases to choose from, including some funky holographic(!!!) cases, but I couldn’t resist the glitter.

Be My Universe review Hannah International

From what I tried in the shop, the two pieces I bought were some of the best bits of the collection. In terms of the cosmetic items, if there’s one thing (or three) that lets it all down, it’s the glitter eyeshadow pigments. They were unimpressive in terms of colour/glitter payout, and the bright pink packaging and stubby applicator (one of those weird semi-firm rounded pointy sticks that look like they should be spongy but aren’t) just screamed cheap to me. None of the other items in the collection really called to me, though they may attract others. In my opinion, it was obvious that the palettes and lipsticks were the key pieces.

Etude House Be My Universe Golden Galaxy Multi Palette – 19,000W.
Etude House Be My Universe Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk #RD305 Stellar Red (no case) – 8,000W.
Etude House Be My Universe Dear My Lips Talk Case – 4,000W.

You can find the full range of products on the Etude House website here (Korean | English – not full collection)

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