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Well, it’s 2018 already and we’re almost halfway through January. I have neglected this blog a little while I’ve taken some time to focus on real life during a busy period of work and life in general. The new year is upon us and I’ve been spending some time thinking about how I want my year to go, but before I start to look ahead at the months to come, I want to take a glance back at the last two months of 2017 and what I got up to.

Winter hit Seoul, hard

October hinted a little at the chilly weather to come in the winter months, but November and December is when winter really hit the country. The ride of the long ‘padding’ began (and I fell prey to the trend, loving it), and I bought a million and two hot packs to keep my hands toasty as I scroll through Instagram on my way home from work. I learned to love Seoul in the winter, and I share my top tips for surviving a long, cold, dry winter in Korea here on my blog.

I said goodbye to autumn

At the turn of November, Seoul was still looking very autumnal, with blankets of yellow gingko leaves covering the streets and huge brown and orange leaves cluttering the gutters of the roads. The weather was cold but the colours were warm, and Fii and I went out and took some photos in it, resulting in what are possibly some of my favourite pics of me ever. The dress I’m wearing is from Lindy Bop.

Hello, flat whites (heart eyes)

During the summer, my caffeine of choice was either a super sweet iced caramel something-or-other, but as the seasons changed by tastes must have refined, because I’ve discovered a new love. Love in the form of a flat white (with a dash of sugar syrup). It’s from a local coffee shop in my area called Coffee Ground by Haruco Beans. I’m going to write a whole post on the place eventually, because it’s an absolute hidden gem (at least in the expat community it is). They make amazing coffee, are lovely people, and have unbeatable prices. I love them, and I LOVE their flat whites.

Christmas? No big deal!

If you’ve been around since Blogmas 2016, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of Christmas. Like, huge. I adore the food, traditions, festive mood, family events and everything else that comes with the jolliest time of year. So, this year was tough. But with the help of my boyfriend and his mum, and some wonderful close friends here in Seoul, I had a fab day and didn’t get hung up on missing out on the festivities back home. Well, not too much…

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Last weekend I volunteered at an event organised by the wonderful @todokind, with @sayfty, where we learned women's self-defense techniques in the form of krav maga from @kravmagaseoul. It was part of the global #16days campaign to galvanise people to end violence against women and girls across the globe. After the self-defense class ended, I got to paint the nails of some lovely ladies in a Sisterhood Sunday pampering session. It was a great event, truly informing and educational, and good fun to socialise afterwards! (And we even raised some money for some women in India to take self defense classes too!) 🦊🍊 #orangetheworld 🥕🎃 . . 📷

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Learning to break wrists and arms

Early December saw me volunteering at an event run by Nadine of To Do Kind and Sayfty, in conjunction with UN Women, to encourage women to learn self-defence and create a bit of sisterhood here in Seoul. We learned Krav Maga from the awesome Gideon and some of his assistants from Krav Maga Seoul (this is when I learned how to break a wrist or arm if need be). I then volunteered during the ‘Sisterhood Sunday’ event following the self-defence workshop, where I was one of two nail artists giving the attendees some nail care and love in the form of some cute manicures. I had a LOT of fun, and I learned a lot that will help me should I ever be in the awful position to need it.

‘Snow place like Seoul

I experienced my first ever snow in Seoul, and my first real snow in about four years! I  a d o r e  the snow, and I was so excited that the first time it really started to fall thick and heavy I went outside and took a video. I also went home, edited and uploaded the video that same night. Since then, it’s snowed a few more times and I’ve loved it every time. I’m a child in the snow!

How was the end of your 2017?

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