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During Chuseok 2017, my parents and boyfriend came to visit me here in Korea. We spent most of our time together in Seoul, but for two days we hopped on the KTX down to Busan and stayed for one night. This was my second time in Busan and I only knew a few areas, but after consulting a map I decided on the busy, lively area of Seomyeon, right in the centre of the city, and chose Home Hotel after some to-ing and fro-ing on

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

Home Hotel

Home Hotel is located just a short 10-minute walk away from Seomyeon station, conveniently situated on both Line 2 and Line 1 of the Busan subway system (Busan Station, where the KTX arrives, is also on Line 1 and only six stops away, so it’s pretty handy if you’re coming into the city by train). It’s a little tricky to find, but with the help of a map to navigate through the ran-run of streets that is Seomyeon you can find it quite quickly. We booked a few weeks beforehand through the Korean version of (thank you coworkers for your help) and paid 72,727₩/£48 for a deluxe double room (for each couple).

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

On arrival, I was a little worried that the hotel was one of the more unsavoury, readily accessible hotels that are commonplace here in Korea and utilised for something less than a nice play to stay during a vacation, however I was proven wrong. The staff were very kind and welcoming, and the entrance, corridors and rooms were all clean and welcoming.

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

Clean and calm

Our deluxe room contained a double bed, desk with a computer (that I couldn’t figure out how to work), a large bathroom with a bathtub and toilet with one of those fancy electronic seats with bidet and dryer functions (that everyone outside Korea is convinced is fitted on every toilet in the country but is in fact quite uncommon and a nice surprise when you happen upon one), a lovely large vanity unit with a hairdryer, towels, bathroom kits and other knick-knacks, and a huuuuuuge TV. There was also free WiFi access and a small fridge with a few cans of drinks inside. The room was clean, comfortable and fitted with an air-conditioner to stave off the hot night. The décor of the place was nothing ‘out there’, but it was definitely homely and calming, and everything seemed very new.

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

Seomyeon: Nightlife and shopping central

Now, if you’re looking for somewhere calm, quiet and clean to stay in terms of the surrounding location, then Seomyeon is not it. The neighbourhood is filled with shops, both chain brands and independent boutiques, and at night the restaurants and bars come alive and are filled and thriving until the early hours of the next day. The streets are winding and crowded and the neon signs are flashing without end. Also, right next to the hotel is a favourite bar of mine that I visited on my first ever trip to Busan, known for great jeon and flavoured makgeolli, easily spotted by the large wooden carving of a penis outside the entrance.

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

Looking at the wider area of Busan, Seomyeon is central to some of the main tourist attractions, sharing subway lines with Haeundae and Gwangalli beaches, Centum City, Jagalchi Market, the Nampo market and shopping area, and Beomeosa temple.

Home Hotel Busan, Hannah International

I was pleasantly surprised by my stay at Home Hotel. We had a comfortable, seamless experience with the hotel and its staff, and its convenient location made our stay all the more smooth. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay in a centra, busy location with good transport connections.

You can find Home Hotel on their website and on various accommodation booking websites.

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