Dessert Lab 디저트 연구소, Hongdae Seoul


Spring finally sprung in Seoul, and April rolled around, all mixed-weather-y and annoying. Some days, she was beautiful and sunny, and others she was cold and rainy. One Sunday evening pertaining to the latter of the aforementioned April’s only two weather conditions, Ruth and I were wandering the streets of Hongdae looking for a slice of cake to give us the buzz we all need on a Sunday evening, and so we hopped along (not literally) to the Hongdae location of the Insta-famous Dessert Lab.

Dessert Lab, Hongdae, Hannah International

Dessert Lab, Hongdae location

I discovered Dessert Lab on Instagram quite a few months prior to our visit, and much like every other Seoul-grammer with a sweet tooth, had been dying to try it. The most famous of their desserts is the aptly named ‘Peach’, followed by the ‘Cactus’ and the ‘Carrot’. As well as these, there are a few other desserts available, as well as a decent range of coffees, teas, juices and smoothies. As their menu changes a little by the season, and as we had timed our visit just at the very end of cherry blossom season, they had their seasonal cherry blossom-decorated drinks available too.

Dessert Lab, Hongdae, Hannah International

As for our choices, Ruth opted for the cookies and cream-filled Cactus, while I chose the famous raspberry cheesecake-filled Peach. I’ll admit, I was a little surprised that the flavour inside was raspberry, but I was pleasantly surprised because it’s one of m favourite fruit flavours in a dessert. For drinks, Ruth got the watermelon rainbow smoothie while I got the grapefruit beaker smoothie (both of which were more like blended ice drinks rather than smoothies).

Dessert Lab, Hongdae, Hannah International

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Each dessert is beautifully made with a white chocolate shell and a cream-based filling. Now if you know me well, you’ll know that I have a massive sweet tooth and can handle large amounts of sweetness. However, these desserts were incredibly sweet. So much so that I couldn’t finish it all despite it being really nice! Our drinks were refreshing and a really good size.

If you thought the dessert were perfect photo opportunities, think again. The décor of Dessert Lab just screams “Instagram me!” White walls, various neon signs, a large gilded mirror propped against a wall, and another wall covered with the pink and cream feathery plants that are oh-so-popular for café decoration here in Seoul make the perfect backdrop for your newest profile picture. They also make for a really comfortable, chilled environment.


I wouldn’t say that Dessert Lab is one of my favourite cafés here in Seoul, nor am I sure if I would go back again, but it was definitely good fun to crack open a peach and snap a few photos. I recommend it if you have a sweet tooth and love creamy things, or if you need a good spot to snap a cute photo for your social media (provided you buy something while you’re there, of course).

Dessert Lab, Hongdae, Hannah International

You can find Dessert Lab in both Hongdae and Myeongdong in Seoul. Their Hongdae location is down a small alley (blink and you’ll miss it) down the calmer streets behind Hongik University station (Line 2, Line ) exit 8. For more information and photos, check them out on Instagram.


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